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College of Education and Human Services
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Bachelor of Science in Learning Design and Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Learning Design & Technology (LDT) program prepares students to enter the field of learning design and training with the opportunity to acquire core competencies and professional skills through engaging curricula. The program not only addresses critical skills for those entering the field but provides students with opportunities for applied learning in the designing training and educational environments infused with technology.

The Learning Design and Technology degree prepares students to enter the dynamic field of designing learning experiences to improve instructional outcomes. Students will work with leaders in the field while transforming learning design along with their community of peers. The program provides a pathway for students to integrate evidence-based practice through design and delivery of high-quality design. Students will engage in research and industry-based internships. Students explore emerging technologies and best practices in diverse learning environments to support an emerging diverse workforce. Upon graduation from this program, graduates will have the experience necessary to become difference makers in learning professional careers that support workplace development and inclusive learning design.

Learning designers and trainers are often found at every level from the largest of companies (Disney, Florida Blue, Amazon, etc.) to smaller organizations. Learning Design & Technology (LDT) is identified as a growth area by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and can be used by undergraduate students in the areas of instructional design or training for organizations including government, military, non-profit, and business/corporate. The University of North Florida’s LDT community will provide a community for students to engage in impactful and creative learning experiences with faculty members dedicated to student success.

Is Learning Design and Technology right for you? 

If you want to create long-lasting change in field of learning design and technology and innovate with technology, then this is the program for you. Professional opportunities include those who are interested in corporate training, as well as leveraging technology to improve learning design. The work of trainers and designers may include training program evaluation, project management, eLearning delivery and interactive training. Professionals in the industry serve as experts in facilitating learning communities and training groups through the study of organizational training and learning culture by identifying best practices that will best support employee growth. Join us and discover the many employment opportunities in a rapidly growing industry focused on innovation, equity and community.