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College of Education and Human Services
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Program Curriculum

Suggested Sequence of Courses

A full list of available courses can be found in the UNF Course Catalog

Year 1
Class Number Class
MHS 5005      Introduction to School Counseling
EDF 6607 Education in America
MHS 6530 Group Work for School Counseling
SDS 6940 Practicum in School Counseling
SDS 6820 Supervised Field Experiences I
MHS 6407 Theories of Counseling
MHS 6780 Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues in School Counseling
SDS 6310 College and Career Readiness
SDS 6832 Internship: College and Career Readiness
SDS 6821 Supervised Field Experiences II
TSL 6700 Issues in ESOL for School Counselors


Year 2
Class Number Class
SDS 6000 School/Family Managing Student Behavior
MHS 6482 Personality and Lifespan Development
SDS 6014 Organization and Administration in School Counseling
SDS 6830 Internship: Counseling/Coordination of Guidance Services
EDF 6495 Research & Assessment in School Counseling
MHS 6600 Seminar: Consultation Skills
MHS 6421 Counseling Children and Adolescents
SDS 6831 Management of Resources
SDS 6466 Crisis/Disaster Management
SDS 6930 Advanced Seminar in School Counseling (starting 2022-2023)
RED 6334 Reading Methods: Secondary


Modifications to the student’s curriculum sequence must be approved upon consultation with Program Advisor and Advisor.