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Practicum Information

Bachelor of Science in ASL/English Interpreting Practicum 

Learning to interpret requires student interpreters to develop frameworks of understanding, knowledge, skills, and dispositions to use in making interpreting decisions. Field experiences provide the link between theory and practice to facilitate the acquisition of those critical frameworks. The practicum placement process is student led and oriented, requiring students to find their own placements that meet program requirements. Students are encouraged to review the process and follow it precisely.  Currently, there are many approved practicum sites with which we have active and current affiliation agreements.  Students are encouraged to review this list and consider one of the current, approved sites as it will be much quicker.  Students are responsible for securing their own practicum placements.  

The internship is organized according to the Commission on Collegiate Interpreter Education (CCIE) Standards (2019)) by which the interpreting program is accredited. Each intern will develop a portfolio that reflects mastery of the standards. In addition, each intern will develop a Professional Development Plan. This diagnostic goal plan assists interns in identifying areas that need improvement or growth and specifies activities to accomplish this growth.

The Interpreter Education Program practicum is based on the following guiding principles:

  • We value alliance with the Deaf and DeafBlind communities and respect the cultural norms inherent to these populations.
  • We emphasize a spirit of respectful collaboration, partnership, and collegiality.
  • We encourage a combination of professional skills development and dispositional growth in emerging interpreters.
  • We promote personal responsibility and ownership for self-development and self-assessment.
  • We foster an open-minded approach to diversity of all kinds.

Practicum occurs during the Spring semester of your Senior year.  The process for placement begins in the Spring of your Junior year with the submission of a Notice of Intent outlining your preliminary plans.  Applications for Practicum are due each September for the following term. The practicum handbook guides all parties (e.g., placement institution representatives, Supervising Interpreters, Practicum Instructors, and Interns) in the planning, implementing and assessing of the practicum.  

Approved Practicum Sites

The following sites have hosted practicum students in the past and have a current, approved affiliation agreement on file.  Students may reach out to these sites to make initial inquiry as to whether or not they are able/willing to host a practicum student.  Using one of these organizations helps to expedite the process in that a new agreement, which could take several weeks to months to complete, is not necessary.  Your initial contact should simply be to inquire as to whether or not they would accept interns and if they would be willing to do so.  

  • Agencies/Organizations

    ASL Services, Inc. 

    AQI Services

    Center for Independent Living, Jacksonville 

    CHIPS - Citrus Hearing Impaired Program Services


    Deaf Community Services

    Hands Up Communication (Iowa)

    Helen Keller National Center


    JA Interpreting Services

    Sign Language Interpreters, LLC

    Silent Hope

    SLS Interpreting Services, Inc.

    The S&J Arthur, Inc. Agency (Sheri Arthur)


    Visual Communication Interpreting 

    Vocational Rehabilitation of Florida (Each student needs a separate affiliation agreement)

  • Schools

    Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind

    Alachua County Public Schools

    Baker County Public Schools

    Bradford County Public Schools

    Brevard County Public Schools

    Broward County Public Schools

    Clay County Public Schools

    Columbia County Public Schools

    Desoto County Public Schools

    Duval County Public Schools

    Escambia County Public Schools

    Flagler County Public Schools

    Florida School for the Deaf and Blind

    Hillsborough County Public Schools

    Jefferson County Schools (Birmingham, AL)

    The Learning Center (Framingham, MA)

    Lee County Public Schools

    Leon County Public Schools

    Nassau County Public Schools

    Palm Beach County Public Schools

    Putnam County Public Schools

    St. Johns County Public Schools

    Texas School for the Deaf (Austin, TX)

    Union County Public Schools

    Volusia County Public Schools

  • Universities

    University of Arkansas (Little Rock)

    Austin Community College

    Miami-Dade College (Kendall Campus)

    University of North Florida