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Health Insurance


Need Health Insurance Coverage? Free Healthcare Navigator

Get in touch with a Healthcare Navigator for free enrollment assistance to help you find an affordable plan that meets your needs. Please visit to schedule a free phone, Zoom, or in-person meeting. 

Covering Florida Healthcare Navigator Program

Health Insurance Exchange and Marketplace: Get Started Today at

Health Insurance Exchange vs. UNF Student Insurance

UNF Student Health Insurance Enrollment

To take advantage of the 2023 - 2024 Student Health Insurance Policy, you must be enrolled as one of the following students who have a requirement for insurance: 

  • International Students
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy Students
  • Nutrition and Dietetics Students

All other students should use the Covering Florida Healthcare Navigator Program to be assisted with finding an insurance program which meets your health and financial needs.

To enroll in the Fall 2023 Aetna student health insurance plan, please check your N# email for an account activation email from Academic Health Plans. For more information about the student health insurance plan, please visit

UNF has appointed Academic HealthPlans (AHP) as the Broker of Record as part of the Consortium Student Health Insurance Plan.  FL Consortium Broker of Record Letter

Enroll and Waive Coverage

Information on how to use the Academic HealthPlans' Portal can be found at Excerpts on how to enroll and how to waive coverage are below.

How to Enroll


How to Waive Coverage


Academic HealthPlans (AHP)

Eligible students are automatically enrolled by the University of North Florida, unless proof of coverage is approved in the online Academic HealthPlans (AHP) portal. Enrolled students may opt to purchase coverage for eligible dependents.  AHP provides:

  • Telehealth solutions through AcademicLiveCare
  • Aetna PPO is the Preferred Provider and will provide maximum benefits at lowest cost
  • Access to Academic Student Assistance Program (ASAP)
  • Academic Emergency Services

Some of the benefits include a $500 individual deductible per insured person, per year at an in-network provider and 100% after a $30 copayment with the deductible waived for a visit to an in-network physician, specialist, or consultant.  For more information, visit:

 Aetna Cost Sheet

For International Students Only (Students in F-1, F-2, J-1, or J-2 Status)

You must either enroll or waive the Fall 2023 Aetna student health insurance plan in your online Academic Health Plans (AHP) account. Please check your N# email for an account setup email from AHP. 

If you decide to purchase an alternate insurance policy, please verify that mandated benefits (a)-(m) on the document below are provided by your plan.

Health Insurance Requirements FL BOG 6.009

Please ensure that your alternate health insurance coverage is active for the dates listed below. 

SUMMER 2023 - 05/15/23-08/20/23
FALL 2023 - 08/21/23-01/07/24
SPRING 2024 - 01/08/24-05/12/24

AHP Health Insurance Educational Videos

AHP Website Walkthrough (2 minute video)

Health Insurance 101 Terminology (2 minute video)

Levels of Care (2 minute video)

How to Read a Medical Bill (1 minute video)

Questions to Ask Your Doctor (1 minute video)

Please visit the AHP video library to learn more about health insurance.

Optional Dental and Vision Insurance

All University of North Florida students are eligible to purchase dental and vision insurance. To view plan benefits and enroll online, please visit the Dental/Vision Insurance Page.