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Brooks College of Health

Student Health Services Patient Portal

You can access the online SHS Patient Portal by clicking the link: or by logging into MyWings and clicking on the SHS Patient Portal tile. 

Please take advantage of all the features offered by the online SHS Patient Portal. 

  1. Self-Scheduling: Students can schedule, cancel, and view appointments online.

    Medical Clinic Appointments 

    You can schedule online for the following visits at Student Health Services (Building 39A, Room 2098).  

    • Prob:  First Time Patient - Problem (40 Minutes)
    • RProb:  Returning Patient - Problem (20 Minutes)
    • Physical: Physical Exam (40 Minutes) 
    • PhysicalRe: Physical Exam for Animal Research (40 Minutes)
    • FuncMed: Functional Medicine (40 Minutes): This appointment is for counseling to address lifestyle and nutrition, focusing on root-cause dynamics contribution to health problems/disease.
    Examples of problem visits include but are not limited to cold, sore throat, cough, flu, headache, urinary tract infection (UTI), and sexually transmitted infections (STI) testing, and annual well exams. 
    Please use First Time Patient – Problem (40 Minutes) if you have never been seen in the Student Health Clinic or if it has been over a year since your last appointment. Otherwise, please schedule a Returning Patient – Problem (20 Minutes) appointment. 
    If you believe you have a UTI or STI, please hydrate well and do not empty your bladder 1 hour prior to your appointment time, as a urine sample will be needed. 
    If you know or suspect you need immunizations or titers after a physical, please book a nurse Immunizations appointment immediately following your Physical appointment.  


    GYN Clinic Appointments 

    For a GYN clinic appointment, please select the appropriate problem visit or schedule a GYN annual exam. 
    If you have a GYN problem and have never been seen in the GYN clinic or it has been over a year since your last appointment, please select GYNProb - First Time Patient. Otherwise, please schedule a GYNRProb - Returning Patient appointment. 
    If you would like to schedule a GYN Annual Exam, please select a GYNPAP appointment. 


    Nurse Clinic Appointments 

    You can schedule online for an appointment with a nurse for the following appointment reasons: 

    • Blood Pressure, Height, and Weight Check: This appointment is with a nurse only.
    • COVID Testing No Symptoms (Examples: Clinicals, Travel, Outside Work): A COVID-19 rapid antigen test costs $8.00. 
    • Emergency Contraception: This appointment is for you to purchase emergency contraception (maximum of two pills) and to receive brief education on its use.
    • HPV Merck Patient Assistance Program: This appointment is for those that completed the Merck Patient Assistance Program Application for the Gardasil HPV Cancer Prevention Vaccine. Please only complete the Merck Application if you do not have health insurance.
    • Immunizations (Flu, Hepatitis B, HPV, Measles/Mumps/Rubella, Varicella/Chicken Pox, and/or Tetanus/Tdap)


    Travel Health Appointments  

    You must schedule a Nurse - PreTravel (40 Minutes) appointment first and a TravelHC: Travel Health (20 Minutes) appointment immediately following. These 2 appointments must be back-to-back with Nurse - PreTravel first. 

    • Nurse - PreTravel: If you plan to travel outside the United States, please schedule a Nurse - PreTravel visit (40 Minutes) prior to scheduling a Travel Health (20 Minutes) appointment. 
    • TravelHC: Travel Health (20 Minutes)


    Telehealth Appointments 

    To schedule a telehealth appointment, you must call 904-620-2900. Telehealth appointments cannot be made online. 

  2. Secure Messaging: This allows students and providers to communicate securely. You will receive an email to check the SHS Patient Portal if your provider sends you a secure message.

  3. Edit Demographics: You can view, edit, or update your demographic information. You can update your preferred name, gender identity, and preferred pronouns. If you would like to edit any other personal information, please go to myWings and click on the BANNER Student Self-Service tab. Then, click on the personal information tab to make changes. 
  4. Health History & Intake Forms: Students can complete appointment forms that are delivered directly into the electronic medical record.
  5. Statements: Students can view walkout statements from clinic visits with all charges listed. Online payment by credit card is now available! 
  6. Patient Education:  Students can view copies of educational materials provided during clinic visits.
  7. Document Upload: Students can upload copies of outside medical records, physical forms, or laboratory results.