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Brooks College of Health

Student Health Services Patient Portal

You can access the online SHS Patient Portal by clicking the link: or by logging into MyWings (beta version) and clicking on the SHS Patient Portal tile. 

Please take advantage of all the features offered by the online SHS Patient Portal. 

  1. Self-Scheduling: Students can schedule, cancel, and view a specific set of nurse appointments online. These include the following:
    • Blood Pressure Check
    • COVID Testing No Symptoms (Examples: Clinicals, Travel, Outside Work)
    • Flu Shot
    • Hepatitis B Shot
    • HPV Assistance
    • Immunizations
    • Measles, Mumps, Rubella Shot
    • Meningitis Shot
    • For all other appointment reasons or health concerns, please call 904-620-2900 to schedule a clinic visit.
  2. Secure Messaging: This allows students and providers to communicate securely. You will receive an email to check the SHS Patient Portal if your provider sends you a secure message.
  3. Edit Demographics: You can view, edit, or update your demographic information. You can update your preferred name, gender identity, and preferred pronouns. If you would like to edit any other personal information, please go to myWings and click on the BANNER Student Self-Service tab. Then, click on the personal information tab to make changes. 
  4. Health History & Intake Forms: Students can complete appointment forms that are delivered directly into the electronic medical record.
  5. Statements: Students can view walkout statements from clinic visits with all charges listed. Online payment by credit card is now available! 
  6. Patient Education:  Students can view copies of educational materials provided during clinic visits.
  7. Document Upload: Students can upload copies of outside medical records, physical forms, or laboratory results.