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Brooks College of Health


Eligibility for Services

Students: All fee-paying students currently enrolled in classes are eligible for care in the Student Health Clinic. Students who are not enrolled during a semester, but are still active UNF students, can pay a one-time $40.00 no classes fee for that semester to be eligible for care in the Student Health Clinic.

Faculty and Staff: UNF Faculty and Staff may access the Student Health Clinic for First Aid care and routine blood pressure screenings.

Available Services *There is no charge for the office visit, however there are nominal fees for certain labs, x-rays, vaccinations, and other procedures.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of illness, injury and emergencies on campus *SHS is not the campus first responder. If there is a medical emergency on campus, please dial 911 or contact the University Police Department at X2800.
  • Women's health/GYN services
    • Annual examinations
    • Screening and treatment for vaginitis
    • Screening and treatment for urinary tract infections
    • Resource center for sexual health concerns and questions
    • Pre-conception counseling
    • Contraceptive options
    • Prevention of sexually transmitted infections
    • Birth control methods
    • Domestic and sexual violence
    • Breast health
  • Referrals for specialist care
  • Consultation for specific concerns
  • Physical exams
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • TB skin testing and immunizations
  • Pregnancy testing and referrals
  • Laboratory services *SHS performs certain rapid testing in the clinic and partners with LabCorp for resulting of all other tests.
  • STI (sexually transmitted infection) screening and treatment *SHS partners with FDOH-Duval to offer free rapid HIV testing.
  • X-Rays
We accept cash, checks, Ozzie bucks, and online credit/debit card payments. 
Third-party health insurance companies are not billed by Student Health Services.