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Procurement Services

Unauthorized Purchases

All orders for goods and services must be acquired as outlined in the University’s Expenditure Matrix. In addition, all orders must be delivered to the University Campus unless otherwise specified on an UNF Purchase Order.

Acquisitions made outside the University’s policies and procedures are considered unauthorized and may be deemed a personal expense to be paid by the UNF employee who initiated the buying action. Payment for such acquisitions can be requested on an exception basis via a Confirmation Pay Request form. Approval is not guaranteed! The Pay Request should include the invoice to be paid along with an explanation of why the correct procedures were not followed and what has been done to ensure the situation does not occur again. The request is routed as stipulated on the form and if approved, sent to Accounts Payable for payment. Any supporting documentation that would normally be required for an expenditure (IC checklist, agreement, etc…) must be presented with the Pay Request form. Requests that are denied will be returned to the requesting Department so that the goods can be returned and/or paid for by the employee.

Please feel free to contact Procurement Services at (904) 620-2730 or for additional information or assistance.