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Procurement Services

Purchases Requiring Prior Approval

Construction & Physical Facilities Procurement 

Joseph Sank, Manager of Strategic Sourcing

Alexis Colbert, Senior Buyer

Appliances: Verify the electrical requirements with Physical Facilities.

Building Construction/Building Modifications: Capital Project Service Request.

Heat and Cooling Equipment: Space heaters, air filtration units, and air purifiers require EH&S approval.
Insecticides: Only insecticides on Environmental Health & Safety approved inventory or purchased by licensed applicator.
Portable Buildings: Verify with Campus Planning that a CPSR is not required. Buildings must meet 160 MPH wind load requirements and be appropriately anchored. Vendor must supply Building Plans for permitting.

General, Scientific & Technology Procurement

Gaea Holt, Senior Buyer

Carolyn Carley-Richart, Senior Buyer

3D Printers: Environmental Health & Safety.

Alcohol: If you will be serving alcohol on campus, Environmental Health & Safety approval required.
Apps: Requires review and approval from ITS.

Computer Hardware/Software: Requires review and approval from ITS. Software may require further approvals from ADA Compliance, Privacy Office, Data Governance, or PMO.
Copiers: Business Services.
Drones: Requires review and approval by Environmental Health & Safety. Drone operations must adhere to The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). Under Part 107, these may include:

  1. FAA UAS Registration
  2. FAA pilot certification (i.e. Remote Pilot in command)
  3. Waiver to operate in a controlled airspace (due to proximity to Craig Field)
  4. Purchase of liability and property insurance coverage

Ergonomic Items: Environmental Health & Safety.

Food and Catering Services: On-campus catering not provided by a preferred vendor, Chartwells or Mayes, requires Environmental Health & Safety approval.

Furniture: New/renovated building with tables such as dining/common areas/classrooms must include ADA accessible tables. Ergonomic items over $150 per item require Environmental Health & Safety approval.

Gases: Only gases on Environmental Health & Safety approved inventory unless otherwise approved.
Insurance: Environmental Health & Safety.
Medical Equipment: Includes automated external defibrillators (AED), XRAY, MRI, and laser equipment. Requires Environmental Health & Safety approval.

Printed Materials, Publications & Promotional Items: Requires review and approval prior to production from Marketing & Publications except as noted. Includes all printed and/or on-line placed marketing and promotional materials/items (ex: posters, brochures, flyers, magazines, catalogs, promotional items, shirts/uniforms). Exceptions to M&P review/approval include: course materials, internal business forms, Student Government funded projects/acquisitions (Osprey Productions, Greek Life, SG Admin, etc.). Documentation of approval must be submitted with Requisition or included in PCard reconciliation packet. Navigate to Marketing & Publications website via the icon to the right.

Window Treatments/Blinds: Any window covering or tint for an external facing window requires approval from Campus Planning (1” white mini blind, Mecho type shade of neutral tone/matching other building shades)

Photographers: Review and approval by Marketing and Communications.  Use UNF Standard Photography/Videography Services Agreement.
Protective & Safety Gear/ Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Environmental Health & Safety.
Publication Fees: Dean’s Office approval required.
Scientific Chemicals, Radioisotopes, and Biological Agents: Require approval by Environmental Health & Safety. Email for approval. Dan Endicott, the director, can also be emailed for approval if there is an emergency.
Uniforms: Use of UNF logo and colors requires Marketing & Communications approval.

Vehicles: Electric/gas carts and utility vehicles, heavy equipment, etc. – require a minimum set of safety equipment defined by Environmental Health & Safety (head/tail lights, amber strobe keyed to the ignition, mirrors, fold down windshield, horn). Verify state tag is obtained with vehicle.