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Procurement Services

Exceptions from the Competitive Solicitation Process

The following are not subject to the competitive solicitation process per UNF Procurement Regulation 13.0010R

  1. Artistic services;
  2. Academic reviews;
  3. Lectures:
  4. Auditing services;
  5. Legal services, including attorney, paralegal, expert witness, appraisal, arbitrator or mediator services;
  6. Health services involving examination, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, medical consultation or administration. Prescriptive assistive devices for medical, developmental or vocational rehabilitation including, but not limited to prosthetics, orthotics, wheelchairs, and other related equipment and supplies, provided they are purchased on the basis of an established fee schedule or by a method that ensures the best price, taking into consideration the needs of the client;
  7. Services provided to persons with mental or physical disabilities by not-for-profit corporations organized under the provisions of s. 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or services governed by the provisions of the Office of Management and Budget Circular A-122;
  8. Medicaid services delivered to an eligible Medicaid recipient by a health care provider who has not previously applied for and received a Medicaid provider number from the Department of Children and Family Services. This exception will be valid for a period not to exceed 90 days after the date of delivery to the Medicaid recipient and shall not be renewed;
  9. Family placement services;
  10. Training and education services;
  11. Advertising, except for media placement services;
  12. Services or commodities provided by governmental agencies, another University in the State University System, direct support organizations of the university, political subdivisions or other independent colleges and universities;
  13. Programs, conferences, workshops, continuing education events or other university programs that are offered to the general public for which fees are collected to pay all expenses associated with the event or program;
  14. Purchases from firms or individuals that are prescribed by state or federal law, or specified by a granting agency;
  15. Regulated utilities and government franchised services;
  16. Regulated public communications, except long distance telecommunication services or facilities;
  17. Purchases from an Annual Certification for Acquisition of Non-Competitive Items list developed by the University;
  18. Purchases for resale;
  19. Accounting Services;
  20. Contracts or services provided by not-for-profit support and affiliate organizations of the University, direct support organizations, health support organizations and faculty practice plans;
  21. Implementation/programming/training services available from owner of copyrighted software or its contracted vendor; and
  22. Purchases of materials, supplies, equipment, or services for instructional or sponsored research purposes when a director of sponsored research or designee certifies that, in a particular instance, it is necessary for the efficient or expeditious prosecution of a research project in accordance with sponsored research procedures or to attain the instructional objective.