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Procurement Services

Construction Direct Purchase Program

Commodities to be incorporated into any public work (as that term is defined in F.A.C. R. 12A-1.094) which are procured by the University, in accordance with the requirements of the University's direct purchase program, are not subject to any further competitive solicitation.

The following procedure will be enacted for Direct Purchases:

  1. Early in the project, items of equipment or supply are identified as having the potential for direct purchase. This is shared with the Construction Manager (C/M) who further shares with potential subcontractors who are bidding the various trade packages.
  2. After each trade package is bid by the C/M, a bid tabulation including the cost of all potential direct Procurement Services is provided the University's Project Manager (P/M). 
  3. When decisions are made to direct purchase, the P/M notifies the C/M to initiate a C/M requisition for the equipment/materials. Facilities Planning initiates a formal University requisition for purchase and sends to University Purchasing accompanied by a copy of the tab sheet showing the results of bidding the major trade package involved and a copy of the materials quote from the supplier to the subcontractor chosen for the project. Purchases by "lot" require statements that "lot is being purchased by details of the bid winner" and "sub-contractor is responsible for any lot shortages".
  4. Purchasing processes the Direct Purchase Requisition being sure to include the special instructions on the purchase order:
    • This is a Direct Purchase for Construction Manager Agreement with (identify C/M and Project Number)
    • Invoice shall be made out to the University of North Florida and show purchase order number. Invoices will be mailed to the subcontractor referenced in "ship to" instructions above. Do not submit invoices directly to UNF; that will delay payment. All other terms and conditions of the original order placed with this vendor by the subcontractor remain in force. Please coordinate delivery with the subcontractor.
    • By submitting its invoice and accepting this purchase order, the company acknowledges that the referenced goods are being sold to the University in accordance with the University's construction direct purchase policy and represents that an employee or officer of the company or person representing the company is familiar with, or has reviewed, the Florida Department of Revenue's rules regarding tax exempt sales of tangible personal property to government entities. In addition, by submitting its invoice and accepting this purchase order the company is representing that the tangible personal property being sold to the University satisfies the requirements of such rules for tax-exempt sales or, if not, to the extent any sales or use tax is due and payable, such tax has been included in the price of the goods being sold. Lastly, by submitting its invoice and accepting this purchase order the company understands and agrees that if it has miscalculated or failed to include such taxes in the price of the goods, then the company and not the University will be responsible for such amounts and potentially interest and penalties should the Department of Revenue determine sales and/or use taxes were due on such sales.
  5. The purchase order instructs the vendor to deliver to the job site with project name and location, and instructs to deliver care of the subcontractor with its mailing address. One last instruction is for the vendor to contact the C/M jobsite superintendent at least 24 hours prior to any delivery. 
  6. Facilities Planning is responsible for initiating any needed change orders reducing the C/M contract by the amount of the direct purchase and also for ensuring risk insurance is in place to incorporate direct purchase materials into the scope of work and naming the Owner as additional insured.


Recognizing that an increase in administrative costs could negate any savings from sales tax charges, there are some restrictions. The requisition/purchase order amount under this program cannot be less than $10,000.