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Procurement Services

Forms & Insurance Requirements

Completing the IRS W-9

You should always consult with your accountant, tax attorney, or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for guidance on specific tax matters. The following information regarding the proper notation of names/TIN’s on vendor/supplier W-9’s and vendor applications as reflected in Section J of the IRS General Instructions for Certain Information Returns (2018) is as provided as a courtesy only, and in no way represents tax advice.

If your entity is a...

  • Sole Proprietor: Individual’s name goes on first Name line; DBA/Business name can be entered on the second Name line. Either the SSN (IRS preferred) or TIN can be used.
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC): In general, for a single member LLC, owner’s name goes on first Name line; LLC’s name goes on second Name line. The owner’s SSN is used unless the LLC is taxed as a corporation or partnership (use TIN if that’s the case).
  • Individual: Individual’s name goes on first Name line; individual’s SSN is used.
  • Corporation or Partnership: Company name goes on first Name line; company TIN is used. 

Insurance Requirements for Vendors and Non-Construction Contracts

Suppliers (whether corporation, sole proprietorship or partnership) shall procure and maintain during the term of the contract insurance as required by the University of North Florida. Insurance requirements are specified at