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Procurement Services

Bid Submission Guide

How to Submit a Bid Response/Proposal

Step 1: View the Bid

The Bid Portal may be accessed via Supplier Resources. Scroll down to Business Opportunities. The Open for Bid tab lists bid details. Details provided prior to opening a document include Title, Short Description, Open Date and Time, Close Date and Time, Type (ex. ITB), Bid Number, and Buyer Contact. To browse or download the full bid document, click View as PDF.

Sections included in the PDF:

  • Description – instructions, terms, events, and dates specific to the bid. The University's Terms and Conditions and Information for Bidders apply to all solicitations.
  • Prerequisites – statements and file upload fields required to enter the bid.
  • Buyer Attachments – drawings, specifications, and/or statement of work (if applicable).
  • Questions – text and file upload fields required for bid submission.
  • Product/Service Line Items – pricing required for bid submission.

Step 2: Login & Navigate to the Event

From the Bid Portal:
If you are interested in responding to the solicitation click on the Respond Now button on the Bid Portal. You will be directed to the Supplier Login screen. If you already have an account with UNF, proceed by entering your email address and password. If your business has not yet completed registration, fill out the Supplier Quick Application found on the Supplier Resources page. The Supplier Registration Guide explains how to submit a Supplier Quick Application. From the login screen (Customer Portal Home), click Go to Public Opportunities in the Sourcing Events widget. Now that you are logged in, selecting Respond Now will take you to the event.

From an Invitation Email:
Suppliers who have formerly registered may receive an invitation to participate via email. Click on the blue button in the email to be directed to the Supplier Login page. Enter your email address and password. Upon entering the system, you will be directed to the bid response pages.

Step 3: Complete Sections

Each sourcing event has six tabs: Summary, Prerequisites, Buyer Attachments, Supplier Attachments, Questions, Items, and Review & Submit. The Supplier Attachments section allows a bidder to attach relevant certifications, licenses, and marketing materials as well as any documents that may have been requested in the Description. For the University to view and evaluate your response on the Close Date, each section must be 100% complete. It is recommended that you complete the bid submission at least 24 hours before the Close Date.

Bid-specific questions should be posted to the Q&A Board prior to the Question Submission Close Date. Questions will be answered by the date listed within the Description. You may also reach out to the Buyer Contact with questions at any point throughout the bid process.

Step 4: Submit

Once you’ve completed all sections and required questions, certify the bid from the Review & Submit section. 

The system indicates a bid was submitted in two ways:

  • ‘Response Submitted’ Screen
  • ‘Bid Confirmation’ Email

Changing Your Bid

You may withdraw or change a bid up until the Close Date and Time. Changes may arise from your business process or from reviewing the Q&A Board responses. Only the final bid response will be evaluated.