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Parking and Transportation Services

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Virtual Permits?
    Virtual Permits use your license plate information and a connected database to identify your vehicle rather than a traditional affixed decal or hang tag permit. Similar to the traditional parking permit registration: Students, Faculty, and Staff must enter information such as vehicle details (license plate number, make/model, color, etc.), home addresses, e-mails, and phone numbers online.
  • How will my license plate information be used?
    The license plate information collected in this process will only be referenced against the campus database for the strict purposes of verifying UNF parking permits on campus. License plate information entered in our system during the registration process will be kept permanently.
  • What is License Plate Recognition (LPR)?
    License Plate Recognition (LPR) is the most current parking technology available that provides virtual permits through a vehicle’s license plate number in place of a paper permit or plastic hangtag.
  • How does LPR work?

    Individuals register their vehicle license plate number into the parking software when purchasing a permit. The software generates a virtual permit assigned to that vehicle's license plate.

    The rear license plate is captured by cameras mounted on enforcement vehicles during patrol, or by a fixed camera when a vehicle enters a parking structure on campus. LPR works like a supermarket scanner by using your license plate in place of a barcode. When read, your license plate is automatically referenced against our database to verify the vehicle has purchased a virtual permit for this location. If the license plate and vehicle information are not associated with a valid virtual permit, or if the vehicle is linked to a virtual permit for a different location than the vehicle is currently parked (employee, student/general, etc.), then the vehicle will be subject to a ticket.

  • How frequently will parking lots be patrolled with the LPR technology?
    Each parking lot will be patrolled on a continuous, variable route. The routes will ensure each parking area is patrolled multiple times each day in order to provide consistent enforcement. In addition, traditional parking enforcement (e.g., enforcement team on foot) will continue to monitor Parking Garages, 20-minute spaces, reserved spaces and disability spaces.
  • What is "Nose-in" parking and why is it required?
    "Nose-in" parking is when your vehicle is parked with your license plate visible from the driving lane. Our LPR cameras will drive through the lots scanning license plates to determine whether the vehicle has a valid permit. If you "back in" or "pull through to the space in front of you", your license plate will not be visible, resulting in a ticket being issued.
  • If I have a disability, how do I park using virtual permits?
    If a disability placard is obtained, you must display it appropriately according to state laws. You must also purchase a permit for the lot being used. If you have a temporary disability, you will need to refer to the disability parking needs site for further assistance.
  • How do I order a permit?

    All faculty and staff must contact Parking Services to purchase a new permit, at 904-620-2815,

    All student permits (annual or term) must be purchased online. Below is a step-by-step guide or feel free to view a quick 'how to order' video

    • Log in to myWings using your Student ID and your password.
    • Locate the Student Records tile.
    • Select Parking Account and then select Purchase Permits
    • From the "Customer Authentication" page, enter your Student ID within the UNF ID box and your password within the UNF Password section. 
    • Select the permit of your choice, click on rules and regulations to review, then click on "I have read and understand the above statements", and click on Next to proceed. 
    • Register your vehicle. If it is not currently listed within our system. Select Add Vehicle and enter the details of your vehicle and then click Next. The top of the screen will reflect "Your vehicle has been updated", then click Next to proceed. If you have difficulty registering your vehicle, please contact parking Services (904) 620 - 2815.
    • From the "View Cart" page, review the selected permit and total cost. Next, click on Pay Now and the permit fee will appear on your myWings Student Account, 24 hours after the order is completed. Charges on your myWings Student Account can be paid with a credit card or your authorized financial aid online via myWings or check in person at Student Financial Services, Building 53. 
      • In order to pay for your permit using your excess financial aid you will need to complete a "Financial Aid Authorization Form". For additional guidance, please refer to the below section How do I pay for the permit? 
    • From the "Payment Information" page, review the permit selected and the total cost, then click on "Pay Now" to proceed. This will complete your order and a receipt of confirmation will be sent to your email address. 
    • From the "Payment Receipt" page, you may print out the receipt for your records. 
    • Upon order completion, your license plate becomes your virtual permit. No physical permit will be mailed to you!
  • How can I verify my permit order?

    At the completion of your permit order, a receipt is emailed to your UNF email address. You can view your permit order in your Parking Account along with associated vehicles.

  • How do I pay for my permit?

    During the online selection process, the permit fee will appear on your myWings Student Account, 24 hours after the order is completed. 

    1. Log in to myWings and click on the "My UNF Bill" icon. 
    2. Locate the bright blue hyperlink for "View Bill by Term" or "View Account by Term"
    3. Find the parking permit charge in the list of charges and make a note of the dollar amount for your permit. 
    4. Select the link "Make a Payment" in the lower right corner. 
    5. Make sure to manually type in only the dollar amount due for your permit, then proceed with your payment information until completion. 
    6. Charges on your myWings Student Account can be paid with a credit card or authorized financial aid online via myWings. 

    If using your excess financial aid: you will need to complete a "Financial Aid Authorization Form". 

    1. Log in to myWings and select the "Student Records" tile. 
    2. Select the link for "Student Forms"
    3. Select the big blue button for "Online Forms, Appeals and Petitions"
    4. Under the Category for Cashiers/Controllers click the link for Financial Aid Authorization-Non-allowable Charges
    5. Read the statement and select the "Authorize" button to complete the form. 
    6. For more information about this form or for questions on how to pay charges listed on your myWings Student Account please contact Student Financial Services, email
  • Did I pay for my permit?

    Refer to the above section listed "How do I pay for my permit" and follow the 1-6 steps to verify. 

  • What permit types are available to students?

    Students living off-campus/commuters can purchase one of the below permit types: 

    • Blue 
    • Gray or 
    • Motorcycle

    Students living at Osprey Village, Osprey Crossings, Osprey Coves, Osprey Landing, Osprey Hall and the Osprey Fountains can purchase one of the below permit types:  

    • Housing permit for your area 
    • Gray or 
    • Motorcycle  

    Students living at The Flats at UNF can purchase one of the below permit types: 

    • Gray or 
    • Motorcycle

    For additional permit information, please visit the Student Parking page. 

  • What happens if I have unpaid parking balances?

    Your student account may be on hold and restrict your ability to register, receive grades or transcripts until your balance is paid in full. Once your account is paid in full, the financial hold will be removed within 4-24 hours of the processed payment. Please remit payment immediately.

    Paying a parking balance:

    • Login to myWings, select the Student Resources tile
    • Select “View & Pay My Bill,” 
    • Pay the amount in the Parking section
    • You can pay online with an e-check or a credit/debit card.
    • A 2.75% convenience fee for paying with a debit/credit card will be applied. 
  • How do I appeal a parking permit or late fee?

    Student appeal request:

    • login to myWings,
    • Select the student records,
    • My Records section, click on more,
    • then select Online Forms.
    • Under the Appeals and Petitions section, click on Parking Services Fee Appeal Form.

    Each appeal will be reviewed by all or one of the following groups, Registrar, Financial Aid, Student Financial Services and other UNF departments to determine an appeal decision. Emailed decisions are sent within 2-3 days.
  • What happens if I do not have a permit when I park?
    If you park without a valid permit, you will receive a ticket.
  • Do I really need a permit if I park in the outer lots, like Lot 14, 18, 53 or 60?
    Every vehicle parked on campus must have a valid virtual permit, no matter where you park. The only exception is a visitor attending an event at the Herbert University Center.
  • How much is a Visitor permit?

    If you are visiting UNF, and do not purchase an annual or term permit, there are two options: $5 or $2 daily visitor permits can be purchased from the free mobile phone Flowbird app or by a Pay-by-Plate kiosk. These kiosks accept debit or credit cards. Please have your license plate info on hand when you approach a kiosk and make sure your vehicle is parked "nose-in" (the license plate should be visible)--do not "back in" to a space where the license plate is not easily visible. 

    The $5 daily visitor permit allows parking in Blue or Gray Lot spaces and the $2 daily visitor permit is valid for Gray Lot Parking Only. These designated colored lots are located in the above-mentioned Pay-by-Plate map. 

    The permits are valid for the calendar day you purchased it, not for a 24-hour period from the time that it was purchased. A Consecutive Multi-day Permit is not available, you must purchase a Daily Visitor Permit each day that you park on campus. 

    Once you have purchased a Visitor Permit, it is non-refundable

  • Do I need a parking permit on the weekends?
    On most weekends, a permit is not required. The exception is during special events when permits are being sold. Please visit the main calendar for any scheduled events.
  • Can I allow another person to use my permit?

    This is inadvisable as you are responsible for any tickets issued to the registered permit. Protect Your Account! 

  • What do I do if I am driving a new/different vehicle? Or own more than one vehicle?

    Individuals are allowed to register up to 5 vehicles on the same virtual permit. However, you are only allowed one vehicle on campus at a time. After you have registered the maximum of 5 vehicles, the system will no longer allow you to add more, please contact Parking Services at 904-620-2815 or email to remove previous vehicles and update your parking account.

    **Two vehicles listed under the same virtual permit may be on campus at the same time, only if the second vehicle purchases a daily visitor permit.

  • What if I have a (temporary) loaner vehicle or rental car?

    Individuals are allowed to add up to 5 vehicles to their parking permit at any time; this includes loaner vehicles and rental cars. It is important that you contact Parking Services immediately to deactivate vehicles from your account as soon as your use of the temporary vehicle has ended. If the vehicle remains on your account, you may be held responsible for any tickets received on the vehicle. To update vehicles in your account, please contact Parking Services via phone at 904.620.2815 or email

    Please be aware that upon request, Rental car agencies do inform Parking Services of the individuals that have leased the rental vehicle in question. 

  • What if 2 people have both purchased virtual permits, but also share the same 2 vehicles?
    We recommend that you only list your vehicle to your virtual permit. If both vehicles have valid virtual permits, it is not necessary to also list the vehicle on another account. To register a second vehicle to your virtual permit temporarily, please visit the online parking portal.
  • What if I have 2 vehicles listed on my virtual permit and another person brings the second vehicle while I am already on campus?

    If two vehicles are on campus under one permit, the LPR technology will recognize that both vehicles are invalid and all vehicles under the same virtual permit on campus at the same time will be subject to a ticket. 

    **However, two vehicles listed under the same virtual permit may be on campus at the same time if the second vehicle has purchased a visitor permit.**

  • Can I park in the dirt or grass?
    No, only in areas that are marked for parking.
  • Can I park in reserved areas?
    Only if you have the designated virtual permit that is available to faculty and staff only.
  • What if there is no place to park?

    There are more than 9,000 valid parking spaces on campus with the addition of Lots 18 and 53. Unfortunately, not all of them could be located close to campus buildings; but there is a convenient Shuttle! 

    If you arrive early, you can usually locate a space close to your destination. Parking lots closest to the buildings usually fill up by 10 a.m. or earlier Monday through Thursday. If you arrive later, you may get a space if someone is leaving.

  • How can I verify that the license number on record is correct?

    At the time of purchase, you are prompted to Select your Vehicles for Permit by selecting the "check boxes" of vehicles you wish to register/link to the permit. You can also add a vehicle by selecting Add Vehicles To Permit located at the bottom of this page. To verify registered/linked vehicles, click on Permits at the top of your parking account. Your permit details will list what permit type you purchased and other linked vehicles with the permit. 

  • I received an error when trying to add my license plate, what do I do?

    License plates that exist in our parking system cannot be added to accounts not previously registered/linked. Parking Services can override this for accounts, for assistance please contact 904-620-2815 or to update.  

  • What if I get a new vehicle or a new license plate?

    It is imperative that your license plate number and vehicle information is current to avoid an unnecessary ticket. Please visit the online parking portal to enter your new license plate information immediately after a change of license plate number for your vehicle. It is also important to remove all expired or unused vehicles from your account, to do so, please contact Parking Services at 904-620-2815 or email

  • How do I remove a vehicle from my account?
    In order to remove or edit any vehicle on your account, you will need to contact Parking Services via phone at (904) 620-2815 or email to do so.
  • What if I have a brand new vehicle without a license plate?
    LPR (License Plate Recognition) system has the ability to recognize new vehicles without state-issued plates. If you have a new vehicle with a temporary paper license, please enter that number when registering your vehicle online. You will be required to return to the online parking portal after your DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) - issued license plates arrive and update your information in order to avoid an unnecessary ticket. After the new vehicle is added, contact Parking Services (904) 620-2815 or to remove the previously registered vehicle with the VIN number.
  • What happens if I enter my license plate incorrectly?
    Entering your vehicle information correctly is vital to the process. If you enter your vehicle information incorrectly, you may be subject to a ticket. Make sure your information is double-checked prior to input. Please contact Parking Services at 904-620-2815 or to update.
  • What if I have a personalized plate or a special character/symbol type plate?

    If you have a personalized plate with less than 7 characters, or if you have a special character within your plate (heart, star, etc.), you will skip the special character and enter the number of characters remaining on the plate.

  • Will I receive a ticket if my license plate is dirty or if I have a decorative cover?
    As long as your plates are legal for driving, our LPR system will be able to read them.
  • When are tickets written?
    Regulations are enforced 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. A ticket may be written at any time.
  • Will I be notified once I receive ticket?
    • Any vehicle that has been registered with our office, will receive a ticket through the email listed on the parking account. Vehicles are considered registered if they were added to your parking permit or an appeal was submitted for a ticket. 
    • Non-registered vehicles will receive a physical ticket that is placed on the windshield. 
  • Why didn't I receive a warning prior to getting a ticket?
    All lots display visible signage with the "required permit needed" to park, it is your responsibility to ensure you are parked in the correct area for your permit type.
  • How do I appeal a ticket?
    Appeals can be submitted online through the parking website or through your myWings account, within 14 calendar days from the date the ticket was issued.
  • How long do I have to pay?
    Tickets must be paid within 14 calendar days from the date the ticket is issued.
  • What will happen if I do not pay my ticket?
    If you do not pay your ticket within 14 calendar days, you will be charged a $10 late fee in addition to the ticket fee. A hold will be placed on your registration, grades, and transcripts. If you have three or more overdue tickets or receive eight tickets in a calendar year, you will go on our "Boot" list.
  • What happens if my vehicle is booted?
    When your car is booted, it will be immobilized on campus until all tickets are paid. An additional $50 boot fee will be added to your total fee. After 20 calendar days, if both the ticket and the boot fee is not paid, the vehicle may be towed off campus. You will be responsible for the tow fees as well.
  • Why is a boot locked on your vehicle?
    Three unpaid tickets will result in receiving a boot. Other violations consist of parking in a service area, fire lane, Lot 7, a Reserved space, a disability space (without a valid disability placard or misuse of the placard) or if you obstruct traffic and create a safety hazard.
  • If I receive a ticket, can a parent, spouse or friend communicate on my behalf with Parking & Transportation Services and University Officials?
    Please be advised that pursuant to confidentiality laws, Parking & Transportation Services and other University officials can only communicate with the student who has been issued the ticket.

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