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Ticket Information

All ceremony dates, schedules, times and ticket allotments are subject to change at any time.  Ceremony details are based on graduate participation.  Be sure to monitor your myWings email and our UNF Graduation Facebook and Twitter pages for all the latest updates.    


***The Fall 2023 Commencement Ceremony will take place on December 15, 2023 at the UNF Arena***

 (Your graduation guests are admitted to the ceremony by ticket only, due to the limited seating capacity of UNF's Arena. The amount of tickets each candidate receives is limited by the Arena's seating capacity and by the number of graduates participating in the ceremony)

We hope you are ready for your big day which will be here before you know it!  Graduates can register for ceremony tickets on TBD.  Before claiming your tickets, here is some important information:

Please click on bulleted items below, or click on "Expand All" to view all items at one time.

  • Ticket allotment

    Graduates participating in the commencement ceremony are eligible to receive the following number of tickets:

    Ceremony College Tickets




    All ceremony ticket registration information will be sent to graduates via UNF MyWings.

  • Can I purchase tickets?

    Sale of Tickets:                                                                         

    UNF prohibits the sale of commencement tickets due to safety concerns.

  • E-ticket distribution

    Registering for your tickets:

    All graduates participating in commencement will receive an email from MarchingOrder on TBD, asking you to register and create an account.  Once your account is created, you will have the option to claim your allotted amount of tickets that have been assigned to you starting TBD.

    Distributing Tickets:

    After creating an account with MarchingOrder, graduates will have the option in their account to print their tickets or email them to whom they are inviting to their ceremony. If tickets are emailed to someone that is unable to attend, graduates may login to their MarchingOrder account again and email the same ticket to someone else if they prefer.

  • ADA accommodations for guests


    Garage 38 across from the UNF Arena will be designated for disability parking. Shuttles will be available on the day of commencement, traveling from primary guest parking Lot 18 to the UNF Arena. Each of the shuttles are handicap accessible. There will be designated seating for those in wheelchairs and those with mobility issues. An ADA entrance for expedited entry to the event will also be available at the front entrance of the Arena.  Ushers will be at this entrance if needed.  


    All guests in need of an ASL interpreter will have a Deaf and Hard of Hearing section located near the stage.  Ushers will be available to escort guests to this designated seating area.  

    Please join us for our Commencement Town Hall Meeting on November 30th to hear more information about this. 

    Please note, we are unable to guarantee accommodation requests.

  • Sharing and extra tickets

    Sharing Unused Tickets:

    Sharing tickets between graduates is permissible.  This action will not be conducted or monitored by the UNF Commencement Office. If students would like to collaborate with other graduates to share tickets, they may do so by emailing their unused issued tickets to whom they wish at their discretion. Please do not contact the Commencement Office to request this action be completed for you. This must be done through the graduate’s MarchingOrder profile account. Tickets shared must be for the same ceremony. Ceremony tickets are nontransferable other than its scheduled time.

    Extra Tickets:

    At this time, the Commencement Office is unable to distribute additional tickets due to the graduate participation rate and limited seating for each of the three ceremonies. 

  • Ceremony day

    Ceremony Day:

    *** Tickets will be required for entry into the UNF Arena ***

    Graduates will check-in at the UNF Field House (Building 26) while guests of graduates will check in at the UNF Arena (Building 34).  Doors for graduates and guests will open an hour before the scheduled start time. Graduates will not be required to have a ticket on commencement day; only invited guests need a ticket for entry. Once a ticket has been scanned, it cannot be scanned again. Graduates should refrain from inviting more than the allotted ticket amount as extra tickets on the day of is not guaranteed and guests without tickets will be denied entry. 

    If family and friends forget their tickets, the event staff will be able to scan their ticket from the graduate’s MarchingOrder account to ensure guests are able to enter the venue. Tickets can either be presented and scanned from a printed copy or from any smart device. There will be a Live Stream option available on the UNF Graduation YouTube Channel on the day of for those who cannot attend. Please join our Commencement Town Hall Thursday, November 30th, for more details. 

  • Tickets for children

    Children Attending the Ceremony:

    Children (4) years of age and younger attending the commencement ceremony will not be required to have a ticket to enter the venue; these children are expected to sit in the lap of an attendee if possible. However, if you bring an infant in a car seat/carrier, they will need a ticket because the carrier would take the space of a seat.  Be advised that strollers brought into the UNF Arena cannot be taken into the upper and lower-level seating area. It is recommended not to bring child seats/carriers or strollers if possible.