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Cap and Gown - Students


The website to place a cap and gown rental orders for the Spring 2024 commencement ceremony is LIVE!

The deadline to pre-order your regalia online is March 22, 2024


Order Cap and Gown

All regalia orders will be sent to the address provided when placing your order.  Caps and tassels are yours to keep!  Gowns and hoods are rental items and should be returned after your ceremony.  Each order will be provided with a return shipping label if needed, or you can return your items directly to the UNF Bookstore. Graduation announcements, class rings, and diploma frames can also be ordered at the UNF Bookstore or online with Herff Jones

UNF understands that the responsibility for sustainability lies in each and every one of us. Our actions, while small, make up part of the overall footprint left by all beings on this planet. In an effort to decrease that footprint, we are using the Herff Jones ClassRental™ caps and gowns for commencement regalia. These are premium-quality gowns which are cleaned, inspected and packaged after each use. Using rental gowns positively affects eventual landfill usage as well as requiring less material and energy than creating new gowns for each commencement. For more information, go to


Undergraduate students should wear their tassels on the RIGHT side of their cap.

Graduate students should wear their tassels on the LEFT side of their cap.

Cap and Gown - Faculty

Faculty are encouraged to participate in the commencement ceremony, as they have played a significant role in the development and nurturing of the graduates crossing the stage.


Faculty interested in participating in the processional must RSVP to to ensure that there is enough seating to accommodate all faculty participants. 


Faculty rental regalia costs will be covered by the Registrar's Office. The Spring 2024 deadline for faculty to order regalia through the UNF Bookstore is March 22, 2024. Faculty members will be contacted by the UNF Commencement Office once their orders are ready for pick up. Your items must be returned to the UNF Bookstore directly after the commencement ceremony, or within the week following commencement. 



Tassels - Bachelor Degrees

Candidates for bachelor degrees at UNF wear dark blue gowns with the UNF logo on a gray cuff. The tassel colors vary by degree as follows:

Hoods- Master Degrees

Candidates for master degrees at UNF wear gray robes with a blue yoke and blue centered panels, and with crescent shaped sleeves. All master degree tassels are black. The hood colors vary by field of study as follows:

Hoods- Doctoral Degrees

Candidates for doctoral degrees at UNF wear gray robes that have blue velvet chevrons on their full, bell-shaped sleeves, with blue velvet panels down the center.  All doctoral tassels are gold. The hood colors vary by field of study as follows: