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Ceremony Information

Information for Graduates

Attendance at commencement is optional, and participation in the ceremony does not guarantee the conferral of your degree.  

There is no rehearsal, so it is important that you closely read your emails and the information on this page prior to attending the ceremony. 

The University of North Florida proudly invites you to join us via live broadcast to this year's Fall Commencement ceremonies. Please visit the UNF Graduation YouTube channel to livestream and celebrate our graduates.


Please arrive early to ensure all participants are able to be checked in on time for the ceremony.  Check-in will be available one hour before their ceremony begins. You should arrive wearing their cap and rental gown. If you are a baccalaureate candidate, you should wear the tassel on your cap on the right side. If you are a master or doctoral candidate, you should wear your tassel on the left side. Coats and jackets are not recommended, as you will be wearing a rental gown. Please do not carry purses, backpacks or helmets; there is no place to store them. If you arrive late, you will have to march at the end of the procession. Once the procession has begun, there is no opportunity for you to join your group.

Guest Seating

All guests must have a ticket. General admission seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. No guests are permitted in the degree candidates' seating area. Commencement protocol does not permit seating of guests during the procession; late arrivals must wait to be seated until the procession ends.

Assembly and Processional

You must check in at the Field House (Building 26) at the front entrance. You will check in with the graduation staff to receive your name card and determine where to line up for the processional. 

The processional begins when the marshals lead candidates onto the main floor of the UNF Arena. You will proceed onto the floor in a side-by-side single file line, and remain standing until you are asked to be seated by the President.

Conferral of Degrees

Degrees will be conferred during each of their respective ceremonies for each college.

Crossing the Stage

The marshal will release your row to proceed up to the stage. You will exit your seat to the outside of the row (not to the center aisle), and proceed up the walkway to the ramps leading onto the stage. A photo will be taken of you on the ramp, as well as when you receive your diploma cover on stage. Cross the stage and exit off of the other ramp and return to your seat via the center aisle. If you are seated on the right side of the UNF Arena, you will cross the stage right-to-left. If you are seated on the left side of the UNF Arena, you will cross left-to-right.  

All degree candidates are recognized individually - your name will be read aloud as you cross the stage. Honors distinctions are NOT read. Please feel free to print a phonetic spelling of your name on the lower portion of your card if you wish. 

Appropriate Conduct

  • Please remain seated during the ceremony.
  • Cell phones and other devices should be turned off or remain on silent.
  • All graduates and their guests are asked to remain in attendance for the entire ceremony as a sign of respect for all University graduates.
  • At the conclusion of the ceremony, graduates will receive guidance from one or more of the marshals that led you in during the processional on how to exit the ceremony.

Information for Guests

Please refer to the information in these pages to guide you in preparing for this special occasion.


The doors to the Arena will open to guests an hour before the ceremony.


Guest seating is first-come, first-served. There are designated seating areas for guests with mobility limitations and those who are wheelchair users. An usher can direct your party to these areas. If you need accommodations due to a visual or hearing impairment, please send an email to You are not permitted in the students' seating area at any time. Guests will not be seated during the processional; late arrivals must wait until the procession ends. 


All guests must present a ticket for entry to the UNF Arena. Children (4) years of age and younger attending the commencement ceremony will not be required to have a ticket to enter the venue; these children are expected to sit in the lap of an attendee if possible. However, if you bring an infant in a car seat/carrier, they will need a ticket because the carrier would take the space of a seat.  Be advised that strollers brought into the UNF Arena cannot be taken into the upper and lower-level seating area. It is recommended not to bring child seats/carriers or strollers if possible. Be advised that strollers brought into the Arena cannot be taken up into the seating area. 


Photographs are encouraged, but only from either your seat OR the two locations in the upper level of the Arena that are designated for photography. Please be mindful of those around you, and do not linger after taking your pictures. Do not stand along the walkway on the second level at any time. This is essential for safety reasons and to ensure that all graduate candidates can be seen by their families. 

Appropriate Conduct

Cell phones and other devices should be turned off during the ceremony. Please remain seated for the entire ceremony as a sign of respect for all graduating students. Hold all applause and refrain from loud celebrations until the conclusion of the ceremony, so that all families can hear their graduate's name announced.

Information for Faculty

Faculty are encouraged to participate in the commencement ceremony, as they have played a significant role in the development and nurturing of the graduates crossing the stage.


Faculty interested in participating in the processional must RSVP to to ensure that there is enough seating to accommodate all faculty participants. 


Faculty rental regalia costs will be covered by the Registrar's Office. The Spring 2024 deadline for faculty to order regalia through the UNF Bookstore is March 22, 2024. Faculty members will be contacted by the UNF Commencement Office once their orders are ready for pick up. Your items must be returned to the UNF Bookstore directly after the commencement ceremony, or within the week following commencement.