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College of Computing, Engineering and Construction
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Engineering Fabrication Laboratory

The School of Engineering Fabrication Laboratory provides faculty, staff, and students safe, supervised access to tools and machinery for use in research and development. The School of Engineering Fabrication Laboratory is located in the Science & Engineering Building (#50) [map] on the UNF campus.

The safety of our students, faculty, and staff is extremely important to us. Those wishing to make use of the School of Engineering Fabrication Lab must pass a written assessment of their understanding of Lab rules and policies. Once completed, students will be asked to demonstrate operational knowledge of each piece of equipment they wish to use. No experience? Not to worry, Steve Andrepont, Instructor and lab supervisor, is here to help. Feel free to ask for assistance.

Getting started

  • Log onto Canvas.
  • Find "Fab Lab Machinery" under your Courses. *If you are an engineering student and you are not enrolled in the "Fab Lab Machinery" course, please contact Steve Andrepont.
  • Once you enter the "Fab Lab Machinery" course, you will find further instructions on becoming certified to access the UNF School of Engineering's Fabrication Laboratory.
  • Sign and return to Mr. Steve Andrepont, the Fabrication Laboratory Liability Waiver Form [PDF].

More Lab Information

For more information about the School of Engineering Fabrication Laboratory, please contact Steve Andrepont.