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College of Computing, Engineering and Construction

Clubs and Organizations

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  • SOC Clubs and Organizations

    School of Computing's Clubs and Organizations Listing

    Organizations are a valuable component when pursuing in depth knowledge of the field or major you have chosen. The School of Computing encourages you to find the organization that you find the most inspiring. Organization memberships are always open to all students and offer a unique avenue to associate with professionals in the field, have experiences, conduct research, participate in workshop opportunities and professional development you would be challenged to have access to otherwise.


    The Artificial Intelligence Research Organization club contains a group of student members working on exciting research and development projects utilizing state-of-the-art methods and tools in the domains of artificial intelligence, such as machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing. 


    The Osprey Competitive Programmers (OCP) club is meant to engage students interested in advanced computational thinking and computer programming, particularly in the competitive programming space. The members of this club participate in various regional, national, and international competitive programming competitions. Besides programming competitions, the members meet regularly to discuss different kinds of coding problems requiring a deep understanding of algorithms and data structures. The club welcomes all interested students irrespective of their coding experience. 


    The Osprey Security club at UNF is a community of IT students focused on developing its members to their full potential as future professionals. As an AITP member, you will meet people working in your field of interest, learn about career and business opportunities, stay abreast of industry trends, polish your leadership skills, converge your technology skills with business skills and stay connected with the world of the new IT profession.


    The UNF Gaming and Application Development Club is open to all students at UNF and promotes interest in both professional and social uses of gaming and application development. GAD regularly holds "Lunch and Learn" events during the semester featuring guest speakers who address relevant topics with the gaming and application development field.


    The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering-Computer Society is the world's leading organization for computing professionals and offers excellent publications, conferences, technical journals, certifications and more. We strive to expose our student members to local professionals and activities that inspire and prepare them for their professional careers.


    Society for Women Advancing Technology (SWAT) Club, Developing a community to encourage Women in Computing and IT majors and fields. Promoting academic and professional development, building professional relationships, and preparing for internship and career opportunities. Creating outreach opportunities, awareness, and connections within the community to advocate young women in computing. Open to all students.


    Computing Sciences has an effect on almost every aspect of contemporary life. Thus, it is the express purpose of Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) to promote the Computing Sciences and to encourage its contribution to the enhancement of knowledge and life. UPE strives to reach its goal by recognizing academic excellence at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in the Computing Sciences. UPE is an honor society and membership is by invitation only based on academic achievement.

    UNF Blockchain Club 

    the UNF Blockchain Club is an official registered student organization on campus. In case you are unfamiliar, blockchain technology is an innovative technology which has combined things like game theory, cryptography and distributed networking in a way that has allowed us to invent incorruptible ledger systems. These distributed ledger have revolutionary implications for legacy monetary systems, the nature of digital property rights, and the future of the way data is stored and transmitted on the internet. It is a new field which has experienced, and will continue to experience an exponential rate of growth that competes with and in some cases will surpass the rate of growth experienced by technologies such as gene sequencing, robotics and artificial intelligence.

    Web Development Club

  • SOC Club and Organization Directory
    Artificial Intelligence Research Organization (AIRO)
    Position Name Contact Information
    Faculty Advisor Dr. Xudong Liu
    President Senal Bulumulle
    Vice President & Treasurer Andreas Ink


    Osprey Competitive Programmers (OCP)
    Position Name Contact Information
    Faculty Advisor Dr. Anirban Ghosh
    President David Wisnosky
    Vice President & Treasurer Nolan Boner  
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    Osprey Security (OSEC)
    Position Name Contact Information
    Faculty Advisors
    Dr. Swapnoneel Roy
    President Josh Lowy
    Vice President David Garcia
    Treasurer Joseph Ruiz
    Event Coordinator Andrews Peter
    Team Captain Jeremy Pena-Lopez
    Club Contact -


    Game and Application Development Club (GAD)
    Position/Description Name Contact Information
    Faculty Advisor Dr. Sandeep Reddivari
    President Erik Tajti
    Vice President Jeremy Diaz
    Treasurer Majd Findakly
    Secretary Samuel Olunuga
    Club Email -


    Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers – Computing Society (IEEE-CS)
    Position Name Contact Information
    Faculty Advisors Dr. Ayan Dutta
    President Afsara Chowdhury
    Vice President Fernando Mendez


    Society for Women Advancing Technology and Computing (SWAT Computing)
    Position Name Contact Information
    Faculty Advisor Elise Marshall
    Faculty Advisor Julia Velezon
    President Farrah Elfayoumy
    Secretary/Treasurer Kayla Martin


    UNF Blockchain Club
    Position Name Contact Information
    Faculty Advisor Dr. Keith Cartwright
    President Cutter Naismith
    Vice-President\Co-founder and Treasurer Troy Bossard


    Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE)
    Position Name Contact Information
    Faculty Advisor Dr. Sanjay P. Ahuja
    President Fernando Jimenez Mendez
    Vice-President Afsara Chawdhary


    Web Development Club
    Position Name Contact Information
    Faculty Advisor Dr. Karthikeyan Umapathy
    President Matt Reid
    Treasurer Madelyn Raymond


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