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College of Computing, Engineering and Construction
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The College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction (CCEC) is engaged in various science and engineering research initiatives. This page highlights some of these. For further information, please get in touch with the offices of our three academic units.

Center For Cybersecurity

The Center For Cybersecurity aspires to be the focal point of UNF's curriculum and practice in cyber defense, preparing the School of Computing's Bachelor in Information Technology program for federal designation as a Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education (CAE-CDE).

UNF Machine Vision Laboratory

The UNF Machine Vision (MaVis) Laboratory for hands-on teaching and student-engaged research

is co-led by Dr. Ayan Dutta (Assistant Professor, School of Computing) and Dr. Patrick Kreidl (Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering) under advice of Mr. Daniel Preza (Staff Engineer, Johnson & Johnson and Adjunct Professor, Electrical Engineering). This cross-school endeavor initiated in January 2018 with equipment (valued at over $100,000) provided through the generosity of Cognex Corporation and ICS, Inc. This summary (i) highlights the lab’s year one accomplishments, (ii) describes plans for the coming year and (iii) identifies related educational and research activities underway at UNF that the MaVis Lab seeks to complement in the future.

Graph Theory

Dr. William Klostermeyer is a graph theorist and is a leader in the study of eternal domination, which concerns the placement and movement of mobile guards used to defend a graph (modeling a city) against a series of attacks. In addition to numerous publications and innovations on the subject, he created the Wikipedia page on the subject: Eternal dominating set.

Florida Data Science for Social Good

Together, Dr. Dan Richard, College of Arts and Science and Dr. Karthikeyan Umapathy, College of Computing, Engineering and Construction, build and support data-driven decision making in the public sector by developing data ecosystems and by training students to be data-driven social innovators.

Florida Data Science for Social Good (FL-DSSG) hopes to promote data-informed approaches through partnerships with Florida agencies to solve social problems.

High Performance Replacement for Welding, Soldering, Brazing and More

Today's tradition methods of bonding often require heat, operator skill and significant capital at scale. Polymeric adhesives, like "super glue", are inexpensive and easily applied, however do not meet performance requirements in a vast array of commercial and industrial  applications Bridging the gap between nanotechnology and real world applications, Dr. Stephen Stagon developed MesoGlue. MesoGlue is a fully metallic glue that metts the stringent demands of high-tech applications while being as easy to apply as a polymeric adheasive. Visit for more information.

Development of Remotely Operated Amphibious Vehicle for Coastal Research and Education

Dr. Dally in conjuction with the Taylor Engineering Research Institute Develope The Surf Rover. With this mobile instrument platform, operations can be conducted seamlessly across the dry beach, out into the surf zone, and beyond. The Surf Rover has the ability to be folded into a suitable configuration so it can be easily and rapidly transported on a modified boat trailer to any coastal location.

Helping Children be Children

Our mission is to engineer innovative adaptive toy technologies to help engage children with disabilities in play. These toys are low-cost, easily accessible, user friendly, and uniquely tailored to meet the physical and cognitive needs of each individual child.

UNF Adaptive Toy Project on the web