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College of Computing, Engineering and Construction
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Advanced Manufacturing Engineering

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (AM) is concerned with materials processes and systems used in the synthesis and production of engineered products. Advanced Manufacturing topics range from traditional methods of fabrication to advanced modeling of automated systems. Typical careers involve production design, development, quality assurance, sales, management, teaching, and research.

Advanced Manufacturing is a new Engineering B.S. program at UNF therefore is not eligible for ABET accreditation until the first class of graduates has matriculated in 2025. Degrees are retroactively accredited for students who graduate prior to this initial accreditation.

Academic Programs and Policies

Prospective students (incoming freshmen, transfers, and graduate students) are encouraged to explore the academic programs and policies for the various MFGE programs. MFGE is part of the School of Engineering at UNF. There are academic policies that apply across all engineering majors and disciplines. Be sure to meet with an SOE Advisor often to ensure you are on the right path to graduation.

Academic Programs:

Academic Policies:

Block Schedules and Curriculum Maps 

Engineering courses are progressively complex, relying on a carefully designed sequence of courses which must be taken in the proper order. Since many courses have multiple prerequisites, it helpful to use a curriculum map to understand the path to graduation. Each curriculum map details the required courses and course sequences for a specific catalog year. Your catalog year is defined by the year you enrolled at the university. Curriculum maps are provided below, with the most recent catalog year first. If you are unsure of your catalog year, please consult an SOE Advisor. The curriculum map is an aid, and not to be used in lieu of academic advising.

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