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College of Computing, Engineering and Construction

Student Personal Computers

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CCEC maintains computer laboratories to give students access to certain, discipline-specific software applications on Windows computers, which may not be accessible anywhere else on campus. CCEC's computer laboratories are *3124 and 3126 in building 15 (John E. Matthews Jr. Computer Science Building) and **computer lab 2307 in Building 04 (Skinner - Jones Hall).

Note: Science and engineering professionals often require more powerful computer systems than might be used for everyday functions. Portability is often a key feature for our students, so we concentrate here on notebook/laptop configurations. What we present below are some relatively current, minimum specifications students should use to guide purchasing decisions. Following these guidelines will ensure the discipline-specific software will run on your computer. Please note, MAC's or other Apple computers are not recommended for our programs as much of the software and required projects in class and in the field are not compatible. While we will do our best to support computer challenges, we will not attempt to force software or project compatibility where it is not recommended.

Computer Minimum Recommended Requirements for Personal Computers
Features Computing Major: Engineering or Construction Management Major:
 Operating System  MS Windows 10 or greater 
Apple computers are not recommended
 MS Windows 10 or any 64-bit Linux with virtual Windows 
Apple computers are not recommended
 Processor (CPU) 64-bit Dual Core Processor with Hardware Virtualization Support and an Intel i5 or AMD equivalent or better. 64-bit Quad Core Processor, Intel i5, or AMD equivalent (i7 preferred) or better
 RAM 6 GB or greater 16GB or greater
 Hard Disk Drive/SSD 250 GB or Larger Standard Drive 500 GB or larger HDD 7200 RPM or SSD
Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)       Integrated or Dedicated Integrated or Dedicated 512 MB
 WiFi 802.11 b/g/n/ac/6/6e (WPA2/WPA3) 802.11 b/g/n/ac/6/6e (WPA2/WPA3)
 Webcam / Mic Built-in 720p or greater, with webcam & mic Built-in 720p or greater, with webcam & mic
 Ports USB 3.0/2.0 USB 3.0/2.0

Computer Issues

For those having issues with your personal computer, Including connecting to the Wi-Fi or the VPN the Help Desk on the first floor in library may be able to help

Deals on computers

UNF has negotiated discounts for our students from a number of vendors, including:


The Thomas G. Carpenter Library has a limited supply of laptops available for short-term checkout. Please visit the Library, laptop computer checkout policy for more information.



 *During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the labs in Bldg. 15 are open during the week and the hours are not extended.

 **Labs in Bldg. 04 are open during posted hours.