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College of Computing, Engineering and Construction
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School of Computing Labs & Equipment


David Ochoa

RF-Smart Lab

Building 15 Room 3130

Hours: SoC Lab Calendar.

The School of Computing Lab is open to all UNF students, but the installed software is tailored for software development. A lab assistant is on duty to answer basic questions and assist with Pay-4-Print. We also offer tutoring services for most programming languages. The installed software includes Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Tools, Netbeans, Oracle Client, SSH, MyITLab, SimUaid, LogicAid, Bitvise, Matlab, Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer, WebDrive, Orcad Lite, CodeBlocks, PowerDVD, JGrasp, Notepad++, Quicktime, Real Player, and more.

Data Engineering Lab

Building 15 Room 3124

The Data Engineering Lab is highly configurable based on the needs of the students and instructor. Along with requisite software is the flexible display options with both an LCD projector and a wall-mounted LCD.  


Building 15 Room 3126

Equipment: 24 iMacs

The iMobile3 Lab is equipped with current iMacs and applicable software used primarily for application development.

Bio / Health Informatics Lab

Building 15, Room 3120

This space is currently used for faculty led practicum using software similar to the SOC Computer Lab. This space will be growing to approximately 20 computers and student capacity.

Cybersecurity Lab

Building 15, Rooms: 2202 & 2204

Primarily used for cybersecurity classes, students will be working with computer viruses, trojans and worms. As such, the lab can be isolated from our campus network. This is a reconfiguarble lab equipped with tables and lockers. 

Student Research Lab

Building 15, Room 3122

The Student Research Lab is a special-purpose lab that focuses on student research and study. Graduate and advanced Undergraduate research is supported. This is a 'bring your own device' lab.

Lab Guidelines

Your adherence to these guidelines when using the CCEC labs will help ensure that these resources continue to be of use to you and your fellow ospreys.

  • The lab is open to ALL UNF students, however, many discipline-specific software packages are only available in specific labs. We ask that computing students take priority.
  • Do not unplug, disconnect or plug into any Ethernet port(s).
  • Do not unplug, disconnect or reconfigure equipment. Please see an administrator for assistance if needed.
  • Keep labs clean and neat. Dispose of any trash, restore chairs and tables back to their original configuration.
  • Close all applications and logoff when your are done. This frees software licenses for others to use and is simply good practice. 

*With the exception of the RF-Smart Lab, labs are opened in the mornings around 8:00 AM and closed between 5:00 and 6:00 PM. Please see Administrators with any questions or concerns.