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College of Computing, Engineering and Construction
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Graduate Program Information

The Master of Computer and Information Science (MS-CIS) Program offers three concentrations: Computer Science, Information Systems, and Software Engineering. Entry into the graduate program requires an undergraduate background in the selected concentration. Grades of "B" or above are expected in any undergraduate preparatory course work taken at UNF. The MS-CIS program is designed to add breadth and depth to a standard bachelor's degree program in the chosen area. Students have the option to pursue a thesis or a non-thesis track within each concentration, demonstrating their comprehensive understanding of the discipline through a thesis submission or additional detailed courseworkk. The thesis track requires 24 credit hours of coursework plus a minimum of 6 thesis credit hours, totaling at least 30 credit hours while the non-thesis track requires 36 credit hours of coursework.

MS-CIS Computer Science Concentration

In the Computer Science concentration, breadth must be demonstrated in the areas of computer networks; operating systems; algorithms; and databases. Depth must be accomplished in the areas of graphics/interfaces; networks; advanced systems; and data/language paradigms.

Requirements for the MS-CIS Computer Science Thesis Option

Requirements for the MS-CIS Computer Science Non-Thesis Option

MS-CIS Information Systems Concentration

The concentration in Information Systems is structured to enhance a bachelor's degree program in information systems, which includes significant coursework in both software development and business practices. The technical core focuses on practical software engineering, covering the software lifecycle, database engineering, and project management. The business core is tailored to e-commerce, encompassing management, marketing, and finance. Further technical courses in software engineering provide in-depth knowledge in various specialized areas.

Requirements for the MS-CIS Information Systems Thesis Option

Requirements for the MS-CIS Information Systems Non-Thesis Option

MS-CIS Data Science Concentration

The Data Science concentration will build upon the undergraduate degree in the selected field or an equivalent CIS bachelor's degree program. Further information on coursework and research can be found at the provided link.

Requirements for the MS-CIS Data Science Thesis Option

Requirements for the MS-CIS Data Science Non-Thesis Option

MS-CIS Cyber Security Concentration

The Cyber Security concentration is designed to build upon an undergraduate degree in the chosen area or equivalent CIS bachelor's degree program.  Additional coursework/research information is available here:

Requirements for the MS-CIS Cyber Security Thesis Option

Requirements for the MS-CIS Cyber Security Non-Thesis Option

Student Outcomes (SOs)

  1. Demonstrate discipline specific content knowledge, by extending their knowledge and skills in one or more of computer science, software engineering, and information systems.
  2. Demonstrate critical thinking skills, by conducting independent research designed to extend the body of knowledge encompassing computing.
  3. Demonstrate oral and written communication skills, by publishing and presenting the results of their research.