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Brooks College of Health

Health Administration Study Abroad 2023

Berlin and Munich, Germany

March 10-16, 2023 (Tentative)

City block of Munich from above

Study Abroad: The Germany Experience examines the administration of health services in Berlin and Munich, Germany. We will focus our attention on social, economic, and political factors that are relevant to planning health services and delivering health care as the country’s road to recovery from a public health pandemic. Our group will visit with health leaders and health organizations, as well as meet with local health practitioners while exploring the culture and history of Germany. 

The Germany Experience course emphasizes interactive discussions surrounding the differences and commonalities of German and United States health care systems. The international travel opportunity will also us to explore various health institutions and cultural sites, such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial, Robert Koch Institute, and the Berlin Wall. We will meet both prior to and following the trip to Germany to better prepare for and process the experience.


Germany entrance gate
Berlin landscape image with tower on right

Course Name

HSA4955 Study Abroad Healthcare: The Germany Experience (Undergraduate) (3 Credits)

HSA6958 Study Abroad Healthcare: The Germany Experience (Graduate) (3 Credits)

  • Course Prerequisites
    • Undergraduate, Graduate, or Post Baccalaureate standing
    • Priority given to UNF Brooks College of Health students
    • Students from other programs admitted upon space availability
    • There are no pre-requirements for the course.
  • Student Requirements
    • Complete application for study abroad through UNF myWings. Please see How to Apply for more details.
    • Register for Study Abroad: Healthcare: The Germany Experience for Spring 2023 (Trip fee is not included in tuition.)
    • Make all payments in a timely manner
    • Attend all pre-trip and post-trip meetings
    • Complete all course assignments
  • Program Cost

    The total cost for the study abroad 2023 trip to Germany is $3,450 (with group flight) or $2,220 (without flight). See the Payment Schedule and Cancellation Policy Section Below. 

    Program cost includes:

    • Hotel stay for the duration of the trip
    • Some meals (all breakfasts and 2 dinners)
    • Comprehensive International Medical & Evacuation Insurance
    • 24/7 Emergency support
    • Program-related excursions
    • Mandatory pre-departure orientation at UNF Brooks College of Health
    • Transportation within Berlin and Munich, Germany

    Program cost does not include:

    • Some meals
    • Passport fees
      • $170 for a new passport if needed. 
      • Current ETA for passports are 12-18 weeks so apply as soon as possible
    • Personal expenses
    • Tuition & fees
  • Application Deadline

    Application Deadline:  January 10, 2023

    You are highly encouraged to begin looking for scholarships and funding opportunities (see information below). Scholarship deadlines may differ.

    Payment deadlines to be posted.

  • How to Apply

    The application process for all of our study abroad program is now online! 

    Please follow the below steps for application.

    If you want to attend you must 

    1. Email with the subject line reading, “I want to attend the Germany Study Abroad Trip.” In the email, please include your first and last name and N number. From the email, spots are on a first come, first serve basis.  
    2. Log into your UNF myWings account and look under “Online Forms” to complete the Faculty-Led Study Abroad Application
    3. After you have completed the online application to secure your spot, you will receive an email within 72-84 hours requesting a non-refundable deposit to be made through your UNF myWings account.
  • Living Arrangement
    This entire course will take place in Berlin and Munich, Germany. Students will stay in double or quad occupancy hotel rooms with a private bathroom. Breakfast is provided daily. There will be restaurants within easy walking distance of the hotel. Internet access is available in the hotel. We will have an opportunity to interact with students from other Universities.
  • Payment Schedule and Cancellation Policy

    The total cost for the study abroad 2023 trip to Germany is $3,450 (with group flight) or $2,220 (without flight)

    The payment schedule is split into three payments

    • First payment due on 10/14/2022 of $1,110
    • Second payment due on 11/18/2022 of $1,260
    • Third payment due on 12/16/2022 of $1,230*

    *This is an estimated average cost of a round trip flight and will change based on the cost of flights (lower or higher). If you wish to book your own flight, you must inform Dr. Hanadi Hamadi via email no later than October 30, 2022. Flight details of the group flight will be provided to students wishing to book their own flight on the same flight the group is on.

    Cancellation Policies for our program are below:

    • 91 days prior to departure date............Deposits are refundable up until 91 days before departure unless otherwise mentioned in the proposal. Airline deadlines vary by airline
    • 90-65 days prior to departure date.......Deposit + airline tickets are non-refundable
    • 64-0 days prior to departure date.........No refunds
  • Scholarship Opportunities

    There are many ways to fund your study abroad experience. It is never too early to research your options, start applying to scholarships, and save your money.

    • If you are an Honors College student, you can inquire about their scholarship opportunities.
    • UNF Sails Scholarships are partial scholarships awarded on a competitive basis to UNF students. They are partial, not full scholarships.
    • All undergraduate students are eligible to receive up to $1,500 for this trip as part of the Transformational Learning Opportunity (TLO) grant.
  • Safety and Health Abroad
    tudents' safety and well-being are paramount to UNF. Germany is considered one of the safest countries in the world, and enjoys much lower rates of violence and crime that the United States. However, because of the added stresses associated with operating in a foreign culture and language, even the safest foreign locations may carry a risk to your safety and health. For this reason, it is vital that you learn as much about the places you will be traveling to; the more you are familiar with the host country's geography, culture and language, the safer you will be. All participants will be required to attend this program-specific orientation and sessions. In addition to these sessions, the International Program will provide other important safety information.
  • COVID-19 Traveling to Germany

    As of Saturday, June 11, 2022, all COVID-19 entry restrictions to Germany will be provisionally lifted. From this date, entries to Germany will again be permitted for all travel purposes (including tourism and visiting trips). However, persons residing in the People's Republic of China still need an important reason to enter Germany (due to reciprocity) - this does not apply to German citizens residing in the People's Republic of China. For entry into Germany, proof of vaccination, proof of convalescence or proof of testing is no longer required.

    For areas of variant of concern (currently no states are designated as virus variant areas) further entry restrictions would apply.

  • US Department of State