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Brooks College of Health

Health Administration Leadership Institute (HALI)

Leadership is the foundation of all top-performing companies or organizations. "Leadership is the single most determining factor in predicting if a company or organization will be able to meet their objectives, fulfill their mission or achieve success no matter how it is measured." Leadership is based on learned behaviors and can be taught to individuals who are willing and open to learning new behaviors or strengthening existing behaviors.

The principles that describe and define leadership are well documented in professional and trade journals, educational texts, and in other relevant educational offerings. All organizations readily acknowledge the importance of leadership and yet most do not invest the time or resources to develop ongoing programs that enhance the leadership capabilities of their managers. However, when the opportunity to expose managers to quality experiences that have the potential to strengthen leadership within the organization arises, most organizations are quick to participate.

Universities are well prepared to teach leaders technical skills needed on the job. They provide educational experiences that help the student discover or practice some of the behavioral competencies needed to be effective leaders. However, these efforts are not enough. It is important to be intentional about making leadership development a priority. if University programs are to fulfill their promise to adequately prepare students for the challenges that will face in the health services workplace.

University of North Florida's Health Administration Program has a unique opportunity to respond to two unmet needs through HALI. The students in all College of Health programs need to increase exposure to leadership learning experiences and the employers in the community who hire our students would benefit from the opportunity to provide formal leadership training opportunities for their staff. The development of a formal Healthcare Leadership Institute as a part of the Health Administration Program serves both the students and local health services, and employers while keeping with the mission of the Health Administration Program, College of Health, and the University.

Mission Statement

Mission: To provide Brooks College of Health students with educational programs focused on the development of high-performing leaders. Our focus is on building leadership skills in students and providing continuing career development in leadership.

Health Administration Leadership Institute Objectives

  1. Provide educational experiences that encompass the principles and concepts that define excellence in leadership to both graduate and undergraduate students in Brooks College of Health programs
  2. Collaborate with healthcare employers in the Jacksonville area drawing on their leadership development resources as a way of enhancing our leadership programs offered to the students
  3. Build stronger ties with local healthcare employers to enhance enrollment at the Brooks College of Health and to enhance the hiring environment for the graduating students.
  4. Better prepare our students to enter the workforce and contribute to the success of the company

Leadership Activities

  • Students interview managers and directors of healthcare organizations to determine the managers' and directors' leadership styles, traits, and competencies
  • Students attend a national professional conference and attend sessions on leadership skills while serving as assistances for speakers
  • Select students are recognized with a small grant for their leadership skills during the academic year
  • Students form a team and are entered into a national case competition
  • Students are provided leadership assessments that permit them to learn their leadership preferences
  • Students attend a "soft skills" half-day conference to prepare them to enter the labor force after graduation
  • Students attend two leadership lectures on campus presented by HALI

Contact Us

Kay Thiemann
University of North Florida
1 UNF Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32224
(904) 616-2030