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Brooks College of Health

BCH Strategic Plan

 Mission, Vision and Values | Strategic Priorities

The Brooks College of Health is a nationally ranked college in the heart of Jacksonville, committed to developing diverse healthcare professionals dedicated to enhancing the well-being of our local, national, and global communities. Located on a beautiful campus just minutes from the beach, BCH offers students individualized attention, countless opportunities to gain real-world experience, an active student life, a welcoming and engaged community, and high job placement rates.


The Brooks College of Health fosters the development of compassionate, highly competent professionals who are actively engaged with their communities, dedicated to making a positive impact in the field of health. Our commitment to relevant research and meaningful service allows us to address the ever-evolving needs of healthcare.

soaring higher together bch strategic plan 2024-2028


To be a leading hub for building a healthier future.


Accountability, Integrity, Excellence, Civility, Culture of Care, Innovation, Collaboration

Strategic Priorities

Priority 1 - Student Success

  • Goal 1.1 Improve the recruitment of highly qualified undergraduates, graduates, and transfer applicants to BCH programs that reflect the community in which we serve.

  • Goal 1.2 Lead the State University System in retention and graduation rates for health care specialties.

  • Goal 1.3 Measurably increase professional success and desirable employment of BCH graduates.

  • Goal 1.4 Boost immersive educational experiences between students, faculty, staff, and the community.

  • Goal 1.5 Develop and grow BCH programs that embrace innovation in the education of healthcare professionals.
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Priority 2 - Research and Innovation

  • Goal 2.1 Advance a culture of research and innovation productivity.

  • Goal 2.2 Expand primary clinical and translational research to sustain R2 status with aspirations of obtaining R1 status.

  • Goal 2.3 Foster collaborative research within the BCH and with community and industry partners.

  • Goal 2.4 Identify strategies and establish health research initiatives to contribute to a healthier world.
Dr. Arikawa in a lab coat piping

Priority 3 - Community Partnerships and Service

  • Goal 3.1 Expand community practice-based learning opportunities for BCH students.

  • Goal 3.2 Foster meaningful engagement and collaboration between BCH and community partners.

  • Goal 3.3 Enhance the community’s recognition of BCH and BCH alumni as valued intellectual allies in healthcare.
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Priority 4 - Development

  • Goal 4.1 Enhance collaboration among BCH faculty, staff, and BCH Development.

  • Goal 4.2 Expand opportunities for philanthropic contributions from community partners.

  • Goal 4.3 Grow and strengthen BCH alumni engagement.

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Priority 5 - BCH Culture

  • Goal 5.1 Cultivate a culture that embodies the BCH mission, vision and values.

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