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Faculty Association

UNF Faculty Association Ad Hoc Committees

Bylaws Committee

This Special Committee-empowered via Article 6, Section 12 of the UNF Faculty Association Bylaws and needed per Article 5, Section 2 of the UNF Constitution-and hereafter referred to as the "Bylaws Task Force" is hereby charged with

  1. providing feedback to academic units about important considerations in the creation of bylaws;
  2. reviewing the bylaws of academic units for consistency and providing feedback to academic units when there are inconsistencies;
  3. ensuring that bylaws have gone through the appropriate approval process within the academic unit;
  4. providing the Faculty Association leadership recommendations on moving bylaws to Academic Affairs.

The Bylaws Task Force shall exist for six months from its inception (October 1, 2020) unless and until it formally seeks and is granted an extension by the Faculty Association Executive Committee for an additional six month term.

The Bylaws Task Force is comprised of the following members: Aaron Creller, Daniela Genova, Shavondra Huggins, Zornita Prodanoff, Josh Tomlinson, Greg Wurtz,  and may be extended to include representation from each college and the library following protocols outlined in the Faculty Association Bylaws. The Faculty Association President and Vice President shall be ex officio non-voting members. Any vacancy on the Task Force shall be filled promptly by appointment by the Faculty Association President, in consultation with the Nominations and Elections Committee.

The Bylaws Task Force shall meet as often as is necessary to conduct its business. A quorum (>50%) shall be required in order for recommendations and decisions to be forwarded out of the committee. Committee business may be conducted in person or virtually.