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Agencia de Seguros Jax

Agencia de Seguros Grand Opening of new office

"The SBDC guidance and expertise has been instrumental in elevating our brand visibility and connecting us with a wider audience. As a result, we are now better equipped to serve our clients and expand our reach in the market."

Belkys Polanco - Owner, Agencia de Seguros Jax

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Mochiatsu Donuts ribbon cutting

"I am very grateful for all the help received from Marge and I think every business owner and prospective business should use the services of the Small Business Development Center."

Linda Zhou - Owner, Mochiatsu

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Owner of Mygani and her daughter with a Mygani handbag

“The FSBDC has been a tremendous help to me with the growth of my company. My SBDC consultant helps with my marketing strategies and has given great feedback and support throughout the

Felicia Wright - Owner, Mygani

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Let's Be Friend's Academy

“The SBDC to me, as a small business owner, is somebody I can depend on, to call and ask questions, that understands much more that I don’t understand. They were able to take this vision that I had and funnel it down to exactly what I needed…Jodi had all those connections I needed.“

Chrissy Norvell - Owner, Let's Be Friend's Academy

Nutty Scoopz

Tina Parks with a box of Nutty Scoopz

"My consultants have provided valuable feedback, knowledge, and advice, along with support and accountability to effectively run my business. I get to keep the same consultant which develops a trusting and supportive relationship that allows me to have a connection and not go on this journey alone. My consultant has just as much passion for my business as I do, and I appreciate the time and effort that he spends on pursuing success for Nutty Scoopz. This experience with SBDC has been a valuable resource to me, and one I would not want to be without."

Tina Parks - Owner, Nutty Scoopz

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Cardona Direct Primary Care

"The benefit of SBDC has been very grounding for me, very informative, and constructive. I’m not very business savvy, so I needed someone or some resource to ask my simple questions to not feel like I didn’t know what I was doing. To have someone walk me through writing a business plan and goals and having that all on paper was monumental."

Jing Jing Cardona - Owner, Cardona Direct Primary Care

Keeping Healthy Simple Club

Alexa Lewis holding a cupcake that has her business logo on it

"I recommend the SBDC every time someone asks about business coaching or start-up assistance! I’m in a lot of social media groups for entrepreneurs in a few different fields and people ask about business coaching all the time. I let them know how helpful the SBDC has been for me and encourage them to reach out and talk to someone to see if SBDC can be helpful for them too."

Alexia Lewis - Owner, Keeping Healthy Simple Club

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Luke's New York Bagels

“When we first got started, it was actually our banker who referred us over to the SBDC and when we met Mike, [his assistance] allowed us to pivot our business model to think about more cost-effective strategies and focus on growing our customer base and perfecting our product. The SBDC does a phenomenal job of giving us a realistic outlook and they’ve been a shoulder to lean on to guide us through the process.”

Luke Vescovi - Owner, Luke's New York Bagels

Alien Engineered Products

Tom and Juan in front of Alien Engineered Products"It has been a pleasure to be able to network with SBDC throughout the years. It has been a resource that I have leaned on when the need arises. It is comforting to have Tom Goldner as a resource – he is always looking to share his real-world business experience and background in a mentoring capacity."

Juan Giron - Owner, Alien Engineered Products

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Centerline Steel

“If you’re considering working with the SBDC, I say do it and don’t wait. If you’re seeing this video and you’re not familiar with them, I encourage you to reach out. Fear sometimes keeps people from reaching out but there are valuable resources out there, you don’t have to be alone – the SBDC is a partner.”

Tracy Smith - Managing Partner, Centerline Steel

L’Sandwiches Comfort Food

L Sandwiches owners Eddie and Lourdes Wagaman in the kitchen

"I wish I would have known about the SBDC before I went to LegalZoom. But our bank told us to meet with Jodi at the SBDC. Every time I called or emailed her, I always got answers. She was always patient with my questions, and she helped us make good connections. And making sure people know we serve comfort food was her idea!"

Eddie Wagaman - Owner, L’Sandwiches Comfort Food

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Callie Kay's

“The things that she pointed out about my business and myself that I didn’t even know, gave me confidence that helped us exceed.”

Ashley Simmons - Owner, Callie Kay's

Plastic Masters International

Scott and Greg owners of Plastic Internationals in their warehouse standing in front of a forklift

"Rick Paul was a great help with putting together my package for the banks. Without his input, I’m sure the process would have taken longer."

Greg Bacon - Owner, Plastic Masters International

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Gemstone Media

"Cathy and the SBDC helped me make a lot of decisions about much-needed changes to our business. including the dissolution of a Partnership. This was an important part of our plans for growth. And as it turned out, a plan to create a strategy to survive – and thrive – during the impact of COVID.”

George Birnbaum - Owner, Gemstone Media

Blue Bamboo

chef dennis headshot

"It has been a pleasure growing our business with Cathy as our guiding light.  I can’t imagine growing our business to this level without tapping into the resources that the SBDC has shared with us.  I look forward to many more years of business success with the SBDC and Cathy as our partner."

Dennis Chan - Owner, Blue Bamboo

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