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Organizational Development

Turbo-Charge Any TeamTM

A Validated and Turnkey System

When you think about your teams, you may have good teams that could be better. Or, you might find you have some teams where their engagement and communication could be improved. Florida SBDC Certified Professional Behavioral & Driving Forces Analysts have the knowledge and resources to transform companies using a customized assessment system.

This system, “Turbo-Charge Any Team™”, can help you:

  • Work more effectively with your teams
  • Increase communication effectiveness
  • Reduce conflict and stress among team members
  • A better understanding of strengths and weaknesses so people are properly aligned in their jobs
  • Hire the right team members
  • Advance and guide teams toward higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness
  • Engage employees by understanding what motivates and drives them

Effective Team Building for your Small Business Turbo Charge Any Team

What to Expect from Turbo-Charge Any Team™

  1. Complimentary Consultation: CEO/business owner meets with Florida SBDC Consultant
  2. Team is assessed
  3. One-on-one debrief meetings to review reports with the CEO/Business Owner & Key Team Members
  4. Team meeting debrief
  5. Develop action steps and follow-up


Further questions? Contact our front desk at 904-620-2476 to learn more about our organizational development specialists.