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Small Business Development Center

Business Startup Assistance

Watch Starting a Business - Video Series

Thinking about starting your own business? As any seasoned entrepreneur will tell you, starting a new business is not always easy. From testing the market to accessing capital, there are many roadblocks you may encounter along the way. The Florida Small Business Development Center at UNF's Starting a Business Video Series is a collection of short videos designed to provide you with a fundamental overview of what it takes to start a business. These videos will give you an overview of the basic steps for business STARTUP: Selecting an idea, Testing the market, Acquiring capital, writing a plan, Turning for help, Understanding legal requirements, and Putting it all together.

Video 1: Select the Idea

Video 2: Test the Market

Video 3: Access to Capital

Video 4: Write a Business Plan

Video 5: Understand the Legal Requirements

Video 6: Putting it All Together

Video 7: Turn for Help

Find a Workshop in your Area

The next step is to attend a Florida SBDC workshop in your area. Our in-person, start-up workshops are offered at low or no cost on a regular basis across the state. These start-up workshops will provide you with the necessary tools and insight to start your business on solid ground. From how to determine feasibility and legal structure, to the type of licenses you will need, these classes cover the essentials to successful business ownership. We offer in-person and virtual training.


Complete the Online Request for Consulting

Now it’s time to complete an electronic Request for Consulting. This form will start your relationship with the Florida SBDC Network where you will find the most up-to-date resources for your business information needs.
Please note that we cannot schedule requests for individual assistance without this form. Once the form is submitted, you will be contacted by the Florida Small Business Development Center at UNF to set up a consulting session.


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