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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Assessment through Inquiry

Assessment helps us understand how we can improve student learning and development by examining whether our programs and services are working as intended. University of North Florida (UNF) uses a model called Assessment through Inquiry to support assessment in academic- and student-services departments across UNF.

Assessment through Inquiry is an inquiry-based model of assessment, which helps answer the basic question: Are we serving our students effectively, and how can we improve? The model is designed to provide:

  • a consistent yet flexible structure for assessment
  • centralized support for staff engaged in assessment
  • an assessment focus on student needs, participation, satisfaction, and outcomes
  • collaboration and support for a culture of inquiry focused on practical and meaningful assessment work.

This work helps us speak to institutional accreditation standards, as well as contribute to institutional goals including the performance-based funding metrics and presidential goals for student success.

View the Assessment through Inquiry Model for the 2023 Assessment Cycle.


A group of Assessment Fellows – designated staff members with assessment background and expertise – help lead Assessment through Inquiry and provide guidance to participants throughout the process.

Each participating unit is represented by an Assessment Ambassador, or a designated point person to lead the unit’s assessment work. View the current Assessment Ambassadors.

Community of Practice meetings are held the third Friday of each month to provide staff with ongoing training, support, and opportunities to engage with each other, Assessment Fellows, and OIE staff. Schedule of Meetings.

Canvas houses a collection of professional development materials for staff working on assessment. Brief videos, exemplars, and best practice information is available. Ambassadors submit assessment updates through Canvas to receive feedback and interact with staff. Contact Jennifer Perkins to gain access to the Canvas course.


Assessment Fellows for the 2023 Assessment Cycle include:

Jasmine Elise Graham
Program Assistant, Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Dr. Amy Lorenz
Associate Director of Housing and Residence Life

Dr. Jennifer Perkins
Associate Director of Assessment

Dr. Justin M. Sipes
Director, Center for Community-Based Learning

Dr. Amanda Kulp leads the Assessment through Inquiry initiative.

2023 Community of Practice (CoP) Schedule

Reflect and Interpret, June-July

Date Topic (Tentative) Time and Location
June 16 Including Stakeholders Building 57, Room 1000A, 12-1 p.m.
July 28 Making Sense of Your Data Building 2, Room 1202, 12-1 p.m.

Communicate via Storytelling, August-September

Date Topic (Tentative) Time and Location
Aug. 25 Framing Your Findings Building 2, Room 1202, 12-1 p.m.
Sept. 15 Creating Visual Stories Building 2, Room 1202, 12-1 p.m.

Act on Discoveries, October-November

Date Topic (Tentative) Time and Location
Oct. 20 What Are My Next Steps? Building 2, Room 1202, 12-1 p.m.
Nov. 17 Showcase: Engaging in Your Community of Practice DSU Ballroom, 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

2023 Roster

Department/Programs Assessment Ambassador(s) Assessment Fellow
Center for Community-Based Learning Justin Sipes Justin Sipes
Office of Undergraduate Research Judy Ochrietor, Kaitlyn Minnicks Justin Sipes
Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life Jen Miranda Justin Sipes
Military and Veterans Resource Center Bob Buehn, Lori Kuhn-Hancock Justin Sipes
Academic Advising Erin Richman Justin Sipes
Student Academic Success Services Dylan Charles Justin Sipes
Career Services Vivian Senior Justin Sipes
Housing and Residence Life Amy Lorenz Amy Lorenz
Dean of Students Rachel Winter, Becca Weiner Amy Lorenz
Department of Recreation and Wellness Ashley Ballard Amy Lorenz
Student Government M. Castro, M. Smith, J. Edgar Amy Lorenz
Office of Student Life Maria Steadman Amy Lorenz
Student Union Jennifer Nutt, Heather Corbitt Amy Lorenz
International Center Luisa Martinex Amy Lorenz
Office of Institutional Effectiveness Chadwick Lockley Amy Lorenz
Intercultural Center Rene Poitevin Jasmine Graham
Interfaith Center Matt Hartley Jasmine Graham
Women's Center Sheila Spivey Jasmine Graham
Victim Advocacy Whitney Washington Jasmine Graham
LGBTQ Center Manny Velasquez-Paredes Jasmine Graham
Office of Diversity and Inclusion Roshoinda Bissainthe Jasmine Graham
Admissions Terry Evans Jennifer Perkins
Counseling Center Deborah Baker, Misha Bogomaz Jennifer Perkins
Enrollment Services Planning Rosalind Dexter-Harris Jennifer Perkins
One-Stop Brett Butler Jennifer Perkins
SMART Center Dan Dreibelbis Jennifer Perkins
Student Accessibility Center Rusty Dubberly Jennifer Perkins
Student Health Services Valerie Morrison Jennifer Perkins
Taylor Leadership Institute Matt Ohlson, Sydnie Steele Jennifer Perkins
Welcome Center Gabriela Vargas Uribe Jennifer Perkins
Writing Program and Center L. Howell, D. MacKinnon, Holly Adams Jennifer Perkins