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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Academic Degree Programs

Academic programs at the University of North Florida (UNF) are built on a strong foundation in the traditional arts and sciences. All educational programs for which academic credit is awarded are approved by the faculty and the administration. Additionally, each academic program has established learning outcomes and evaluation strategies.

At the undergraduate level, learning outcomes are referred to as Academic Learning Compacts (ALCs)—an expression of what students will know and be able to do upon completion of an academic program. At the graduate level, learning outcomes are referred to as Graduate Academic Learning Compacts (GALCs). GALCs are composed of four parts: a program's mission statement, expected student learning outcomes, assessment strategies and plans, and improvement strategies and plans.

To further assure program quality, all academic programs are required to undergo an academic program review once every seven years. Moreover, to ensure academic programs are consistent with national norms with regard to curricular coherence and content level, UNF encourages academic units to seek and maintain national or specialized accreditation for which there are established standards for programmatic accreditation.

Academic Affairs has designated UNF Online as the administrative unit for all non-state fundable, self-supporting college credit courses and programs offered online.  The UNF Division of Continuing Education administers and supports non college-credit programming sponsored by the University.