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Senior Design - Innovation Day

Senior Capstone Design

This is a two-semester team design project in which teams are responsible for preparing a project proposal including a problem statement and need identification, concept generation and down selection and project design. Teams are further required to develop and demonstrate a proof of concept or prototype. Project management concepts such as project scheduling, budgets and economic analysis are emphasized in the course. Additional topics covered include risk assessment, time value of money, cost benefit analysis, ethics, safety, and intellectual property such as copyrights, trademarks and patents. A final project proposal and oral presentation is required.

About Innovation Day

At UNF, we take great pride in the quality of our engineering students and faculty. One of the strongest aspects of our engineering education is the Senior Design experience in which, the students are assigned to teams in early September and subsequently work together to develop multiple solutions to a design challenge. Many projects come from the Jacksonville community, nonprofit organizations, local government as well as companies. Students work diligently to develop the best solution within the given constraints. In Civil Engineering projects, the designs are scrutinized by a Board of Professional Engineers (PEs) from the Jacksonville engineering community. For Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, there is a design-and-build requirement to complete the projects and designs are reviewed by professors following a procedure that mimics design reviews in industry. The review processes in place as well as the design-and-build requirement were highly praised by the ABET evaluators who visited us in October, 2013. Each semester, we will showcase the work of our graduating class of engineers on Innovation Day. We would like to personally invite you to this important event. Come, ask questions (the harder, the better), find out more about what we do and how the next generation of engineers overcome engineering challenges and make an impact in Jacksonville. You may find the next employee for your organization, or decide to become more engaged with SoE and help us accomplish our vision of providing undergraduate programs that are among the best in the country. We always welcome your help.


Check this page regularly for updates. As schedules and details are available, you will find them here.

2019 Event Schedule

Monday April 15th
Event Time Location
Student Presentations 1:00 - 4:00 pm Building 4 - Rooms 1303, 1304, 1305, and 2308
Reception 4:30 - 6:30 pm Student Union Ballroom

Student Presentations

Senior student presentations: UNF senior engineering students in civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering will present their final capstone design projects in Skinner-Jones Building 4.


Time 4 / Room 1303 4 / Room 1304 4 / Room 1305 4 / Room 2308
1:10 Mercedes Benz- CAN Bacardi- Water Monitoring SippTech- Plug Concrete Canoe
1:30 Mercedes Benz- Headlamp Moisture Bacardi- Cooling SippTech- Robot Train Bike Bridge over 207
1:50 Grace Aerospace Treace Medical Syklone Hampton Dam Reconstruction
2:10 Stenner Pumps- Circuit Board Baker Hughes- Valve Chatter Mocha Miski Jaxport Master Plan
2:30 Stenner Pumps- Grease Dispenser Baker Hughes- Spring Modeling Revlon Jaxport Connectivity
2:50 Saft Battery- Cell Simulator Polyhistor Int. Medtronic- EMG Berman Brothers
3:10 Saft Battery- Communications Crowley Maritime Medtronic- Label -
3:30 S&P- Spider Forming Dental Cleaning Dog Prosthetic -

Information for High Schools

High school students are invited to come and learn how graduating Electrical, Civil, and Mechanical engineering students use math and science to solve challenging, real world problems. Five high school teams competed for the first annual Jax 2050 competition.