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Center for Community-Based Learning

Community-Based Research

This gateway to Community-Based Transformational Learning (CBTL) involves a collaborative enterprise between academic researchers (professors and students) and community members.  It validates multiple sources of knowledge (discipline and contextual), honors both the methods of discovery and the dissemination of knowledge produced and has as its goal social action and social change.

What makes community-based research unique?

  • The purpose is generally to offer upper level students an opportunity to participate academic research geared toward promoting social change
  • These experiences usually require that students have a strong grasp of content knowledge and skills of the discipline
  • Students should expect to participate in sustained periods of direct engagement (often 30+ hours of time with the community) over the course of the semester
  • Students often have extensive, frequent and objective contact with research subjects
  • Most faculty find that research experiences require multiple opportunities for reflection for students to adequately process the social implications of the research as well as their academic and cultural development via the experience.

What are some of the common forms of community-based research?

  • Action Research
  • Participatory Research

I want to create my own community-based research experience.  Where can I find support?

There are several offices and departments at UNF to assist you in developing and implementing successfully specific aspects of your community-based research project.