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Center for Community-Based Learning

Days of Service


Days of Service are short-term (4-6 hours) opportunities to volunteer throughout the Jacksonville community. These events take place a few times throughout the year and are open to all students, faculty/staff members, and alumni. Days of Service allow participants to learn more about the community and various social issues. These activities have the opportunity to impact numerous non-profit organizations, neighborhoods, and community members.

Days of Service activities can be done as individuals or as groups. If you would like to participate as a group, please contact prior to registering for the event. This will allow staff to make sure the community partner can accommodate the group and proper arrangements are made.

Track your good work!

At UNF, we use the OspreyImpact system to log community engagement hours. All UNF students have access to the system using their UNF credentials. Hours input in the OspreyImpact system remains with the student throughout their duration at UNF. Some courses might require students to use OspreyImpact to log their hours, so accessing your account early is best!

UNF OspreyImpact

Reflection Activities

A key component of service is reflection.
CCBL supports and highly suggests the use of the DEAL Model for Critical Reflection.
Other reflective models include ERA Cycle, Driscoll's What Model, Kolb's Experiential Learning Cycle, and Gibb's Reflective Cycle.