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Center for Community-Based Learning

CBTL for Students

CCBL Community Engagement Opportunities for Students

The Center for Community-Based Learning also offers programs aimed at students. Please visit the links below for additional information.

Upcoming Community Engagement Opportunities for Students

The CCBL Events webpage has updated events and information for students to engage with the community. You can always check out OspreyImpact for additional opportunities.

Community-Based Transformational Learning Outcomes

CBTL experiences are intentionally designed to connect students to real world situations. Through CBTL, UNF seeks to empower students to transform their perspective, their knowledge and their community through these experiences.

Intercultural Competence

Demonstrable cognitive, affective and behavioral skills and characteristics that support effective and appropriate interaction in a variety of cultural contexts.

Ethical Character

Ability to recognize ethical issues in a variety of settings and evaluate alternative actions.

Effective Citizenship

Demonstrable knowledge, skills, values and motivation that promotes the quality of life in a community.

Integrated Connections

Ability to make simple connections among ideas, concepts and experiences to synthesizing and transferring learning to new, complex, unscripted situations.

Community-Based Transformational Learning Gateways

At the University of North Florida, students become engaged in the community in five particular ways: