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Center for Community-Based Learning

Center for Community-Based Learning History

The Center for Community-Based Learning was established in 2009 as the central administrative unit dedicated to supporting the development and diffusion of Community-Based Transformational Learning (CBTL) across the entire UNF campus.  

The University of North Florida (UNF) selected Community-Based Transformational Learning (CBTL) as the topic for its first Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) as a part of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) accreditation process. This selection was a reflection of UNF's longstanding and ongoing commitment to active community engagement. 

The idea of Community-Based Transformational Learning (CBTL) built on and extends several ongoing University initiatives integral to UNF‘s commitment to students. These initiatives include the institution‘s:

  • Transformational Learning Opportunity (TLO) program;
  • International studies programs;
  • and other community-based work being carried out in some departments, colleges and nonacademic units.

Most important, experiences that are considered Community-Based Transformational Learning (CBTL) require a level of direct and in-depth student participation, which may result not only in the expected student learning outcomes, but also in student contributions to the communities being served. 

The Center’s programs and activities, including ongoing University-Wide assessment of CBTL, were critical to UNF’s successful implementation of its QEP on CBTL. Full text on UNF’s CBTL QEP proposal as well as the QEP 5th Year Impact Report can be requested from the Center for Community-Based Learning, 904-620-3545 or

Now as part of Faculty Excellence and Academic Engagement unit, the Center for Community-Based Learning focuses on UNF’s community engagement efforts more broadly to ensure that an environment of best practices nurtures Community-Based Transformational Learning as well as other forms of community engaged work at UNF. The Center is leading the charge to ensure that UNF continues to be a Carnegie Community Engaged Institution (2010, 2020) by working with UNF’s executive leadership, administration, campus departments and centers to continue to deepen and broaden our collaborations with the community.