Welcome to The Center for Community-Based Learning

The Center for Community-Based Learning (CCBL) is the dedicated administrative unit responsible for facilitating the inclusion of community-based learning across the entire campus by:

  • contributing to the institutionalization of community-based learning;
  • preparing faculty, organizationally and pedagogically, for the demands of community-based teaching and learning;
  • and establishing quality partnerships with community organizations.


In brief, as stated in the University's Quality Enhancement Plan or QEP, the Center is to serve as the "clearinghouse and fulcrum for all community-based activities at the University of North Florida."


Community-Based Learning is the collaborative engagement of students, faculty, UNF administration and community experts designed to provide students with rich, real world opportunities that enhance student learning, personal development and civic involvement while also contributing to the enrichment and well-being of the greater Jacksonville community and beyond.

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