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Community Engagement

Civic Engagement

UNF supports all forms of student civic engagement that raise student awareness of public affairs and cultivate the skills of active citizenship. Below are some initiatives at the University to achieve these aims.

Osprey Vote!

Osprey Vote is a web and mobile app that promotes students’ civic engagement by using behavioral nudges. By signing up for Osprey Vote using their UNF credentials, students will receive text and app messages reminding them of important dates and events, such as the last day to register to vote, election dates, and on-campus civic events such as Popcorn and Politics. Completing actions earns students points to enter toward prizes such as a pizza party and gift cards. Students can even form teams to compete! Questions about Osprey Vote should be directed to Vote Logo. Blue and gray earth in the background with the phrase Osprey Vote in gray and blue written on top.

ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge

UNF recently received the "Highly Established Action Plan" from ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge and Civic Nation. Of 535 institutions submitting nonpartisan democracy engagement action plans, UNF is one of the 121 schools to earn the "Highly Established Action Plan" distinction. UNF scored 33 out of a possible 36 points and significantly exceeded the national average of 26.2 points.

Constitution Week

As a federally-funded institution, UNF is required to host events in conjunction with Constitution Day every year on or around September 17.

Unify Challenge College Bowl

UNF participates in the Unify Challenge College Bowl, a national program for civil discourse. Individuals sign-up and are matched with someone of different ideologies. The pair engages in guided conversations on topics of public interest, where they often find there are more similarities and commonalities than differences.

This year's Unify Challenge College Bowl is from September 27 to September 29 and October 4 to October 6. To participate in this year's College Bowl, use your UNF credentials (N#) to sign up at the UNF landing page: 


UNF participates in the National Study of Learning, Voting, and Education.

Campus Compact
Campus Compact is an international coalition of over 1000 college and university presidents that represent the full range of diversity among colleges and universities, including public and private, two-year and four-year, rural and urban, faith-based, women's, tribal, Hispanic serving, and historically Black colleges and universities. The member institutions are committed to advancing the public and fulfilling the civic purposes of higher education.