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Community-Based Learning

Community-Based Outreach and Volunteering

This gateway to Community-Based Transformational Learning (CBTL) introduces students to community-based transformational learning pedagogies by allowing them to work with and through local organizations to serve the community.  Often viewed as a jumping off point for more involved forms of community-based learning, these short-term experiences offer students the chance to apply course content to real world settings and strengthen their ability to effectively engage others from culturally diverse backgrounds, recognize ethical issues in a variety of settings, and promote the quality of life in a community. 

What makes outreach and volunteering unique?    

  • Great for first-time experiences and/or co-curricular activities
  • These experiences usually anticipate that students will have novice levels of content knowledge  and skills of the discipline
  • Most students will be new to community-based learning in general
  • These experiences last less than 15 hours and can occur in just one visit
  • Interaction with the community may be infrequent and casual
  • Because these experiences generally don’t last for an extended period of time, reflection can be limited to one activity

What are some of the common forms of community-based outreach and volunteering? 

  • Volunteering
  • Philanthropy
  • Community Service (e.g., summer camps, health fairs)
  • Public Performances in underserved locations

I want to create my own outreach and volunteering activity.  Where can I find support? 

There are several offices and departments at UNF to assist you in developing and implementing successfully specific aspects of your community-based outreach or volunteer project.