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Brooks College of Health

Self-Help Resources

Mental Health Screening Program

This free and anonymous mental health screening program is provided to all current students of the University of North Florida. If you have concerns about your mental health, you can find out - in a few minutes and in your own privacy - whether or not professional consultation would be helpful. To complete these brief online assessments, access our online mental health screening program.

Smartphone and Tablet Apps

View a list of free mental health applications for your smartphone or tablet.

Life Hacks Workshops

Check out our Life Hacks workshops on Canvas and learn strategies for managing anxiety, stress, depression, and improving your communication with others.

Virtual Relaxation Room

Self-enroll in our Canvas page and navigate to the virtual relaxation room to find tools and strategies for managing stress.

Community Referrals

If you are interested in working with a mental health provider in the community and have health insurance coverage, most insurance carriers provide referrals for mental health services through their website or over the phone. For information on how to navigate using health insurance to receive mental healthcare services view our list of helpful tips and suggested questions to ask your insurance carrier. As an additional referral source, Psychology Today provides a therapist directory and can help you connect with therapists in the community. As the UNF Counseling Center is not affiliated with any insurance carriers or Psychology today, we are unable to vouch for or endorse any of the providers you may be referred to.

Self-Help Links

The following links serve as resources for those who are interested in learning more about mental health behaviors and issues that are commonly identified on college campuses.