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Request for Documentation

At times, students may need documentation of services received from the UNF Counseling Center to support withdrawal from classes, arrangements with financial aid, accommodations through Student Accessibility Services, and for academic accommodations from instructors.

While it is generally not UNFCC policy to write letters, counselors can provide other forms of documentation when appropriate. The counseling center can provide the following documentation for current and/or previous clients:

  • Confirmation of Visit(s)
  • Summary of care
  • Medical records

If you have not been seen as a client of the UNF Counseling Center, we are not the best source of support for your petition and may not be able to provide the specific documentation you need. Follow the steps below to obtain documentation.

Step 1: Request documentation

  • Confirmation of Visit: You may ask your provider for a confirmation of your visit, which is official documentation indicating the date(s) that you received UNFCC services. This can be shared with a professor who requests proof that you have been seen at the counseling center.
  • Verification of Mental Health Issues: For petitions or academic accommodations (e.g., SAP appeal, medical withdrawal), a confirmation of your visit is typically not adequate. In these cases, you will likely need a detailed letter or summary of care from a provider with whom you have an established working relationship. The letter establishes that you have previously worked with (or are currently being seen by) a provider at the counseling center and it speaks to the impact of your medical/mental health condition on your academic performance. Typically, students have been seen for 3 or more sessions at UNFCC before a counselor has enough information to complete this documentation. Please tell your provider why you need the letter and share complete contact information for the recipient. If your provider is no longer on staff at UNFCC, please talk to the front desk staff so that it can be determined who on staff is in the best position to provide the documentation.
  • Documentation for Emotional Support Animals: While many of our staff love animals and are pet owners, our office is unable to provide assessments to document the need for a Service Animal or an Emotional Support Animal (ESA). As a result, we do not issue letters of support for service and/or emotional support animals. If you want to be evaluated to see if you are eligible to have a Service Animal or an ESA, you must find a mental health provider in the community that is qualified to diagnose you and recommend that obtaining a Service Animal or an ESA is a reasonable course of treatment given your condition.

Step 2: Provide authorization

  • Submit a release of information (ROI) request form at the front office.
  • UNFCC cannot release any information about you without your signed authorization. You may retrieve your letter or documentation when you sign the ROI provided it is available at that time.

Please note

Allow 5 - 7 business days to process documentation requests. UNFCC counselors are exceptionally busy and may have limited administrative time to complete your request.

UNFCC does not keep records beyond 7 years.