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Brooks College of Health
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Distance Learning Students

Distance Learning Students Currently Residing Within Florida

Current UNF students who are enrolled in online degree programs and residing in Florida are eligible to receive counseling support in person and by video.

NEW CLIENTS: If you have never been seen before at the Counseling Center and are interested in receiving individual/group counseling, psychiatric evaluation/management, referrals, or other services from the Center please complete this appointment request form.

CURRENT & RETURNING CLIENTS: To cancel or reschedule an appointment with your counselor, please send an email to or stop by the Center located in Building 2 (Founders Hall), Room 2300. You will get a response within 48 hours.


Distance Learning Students Currently Residing Outside of Florida

Current UNF students who are enrolled in online degree programs and are residing outside of Florida are not eligible for Counseling Center services, but have access to:

  • WellConnect - 24/7 online and telephonic support and counseling. Please contact the UNF Counseling Center at (904) 620-2602, by email at, or in person, to get needed instructions for accessing the service.
  • After-hours Support Line - (904) 620-2602, select option 2.

If you are interested in obtaining counseling services in your area, we recommend exploring the following options:

  • Insurance: Most insurance carriers have referrals for mental health and substance abuse counseling centers.
  • Local College or University Services: Some four-year colleges and universities staff a community clinic. These clinics may offer a sliding scale for payment.
  • Physicians: Your primary care physician may be able to provide you with a referral.
  • Personal Referral: You may be able to receive a recommendation from family or friends.
  • Employee Assistance Program: Your employer may offer Employee Assistance Program (EAP) benefits, which may allow you access to cost-free brief counseling as well as other professional services. Contact your employer's Human Resources department to check on the availability of EAP services.
  • United Way: By calling 211, your local United Way can provide referrals for counseling centers and services in your area. Referrals may be to a non-profit organization which may have a sliding scale for payment.
  • NBCC: The National Board of Certified Counselors will have a list of counselors in your area.
  • Psychology Today: Provides detailed professional listings for Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Therapists, Counselors, Group Therapy, and Treatment Centers in the United States and Canada.