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Brooks College of Health
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Off Campus Counseling Referrals

Sometimes seeking off campus therapy or medication services is your best option to address a particular concern or meet your individual needs.

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Reasons to see off-campus mental health providers:

  • You may be able to see a therapist on evenings or weekends.
  • You typically have more flexibility to see a therapist for as long as you need or want. This is particularly beneficial when you have longstanding, complex, or more severe issues—you may find that you can make more progress on such issues when you are able to continue in therapy for longer than is usually possible on campus.
  • You often have more choice in the therapist you see.
  • Certain services are available that are not available on campus, such as intensive outpatient and inpatient treatment for mental illness, eating disorders, and substance use disorders and comprehensive psychological or educational testing.
  • You may prefer seeing an off-campus therapist for other reasons, such as when you live off campus.
If you are interested in working with a provider in the community below are several different resources to help you connect with mental health resources.
As the UNF Counseling Center is not affiliated with any insurance carriers or other third-party databases, we are unable to vouch for or endorse any of the providers you may be referred to.