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Undergraduate Studies

Academic Support


High school and college often require different academic skill sets. Even students who were exceptional in high school may find the academic skills and strategies that served them so well during high school are not well suited to the rigors of college work. The quantity, type, and quality of work required at UNF may be different from what you have encountered so far in your academic career. For instance, you should anticipate coverage of perhaps twice as much material in college than you were accustomed to in high school, and test questions that require you to describe, analyze and synthesize concepts. To meet these challenges, your academic and study techniques may need to change. We have various types of academic support offered at the University of North Florida to help you adjust to the change. From individual academic coaching and tutoring to supplemental instruction and peer-assisted study sessions for courses students often find the most rigorous - there is something for you.

Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching is offered to students to help them become better students overall. The coaching sessions are one-on-one appointments with student coaches. Our coaches are all trained in every topic we offer and come from a wide variety of backgrounds and majors. This one-on-one approach allows us to personalize each session by addressing your individual difficulties and needs. Academic coaches will develop a plan of action with a clear, quantifiable goal. In this way, no two coaching sessions are the same. Academic coaching topics currently include study skills, time management, public speaking, and preparing for finals.


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UNF provides free tutoring in many of the common subjects at UNF in multiple locations. The main tutoring center is located in the Undergraduate Studies suite. We also offer tutoring in the Carpenter Library and the residence halls in the evenings. You may spend as much or as little time as you need working with a tutor. All tutors are UNF students who are thoroughly trained and highly recommended by UNF faculty to assist students in their respective subject areas. Some students have specific questions when they come to tutoring, while others use tutoring as a study hall and ask questions when needed. One-on-one virtual tutoring appointments can also be made for select subjects. 


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Though most of the tutoring on campus is hosted by Undergraduate Studies, there are various offices that provide tutoring in specific areas. The UNF Writing Center helps students develop their writing skills. Our Writing Center staff works with students one-on-one to craft individualized strategies to strengthen their writing and encourage better, stronger writing practices. The Writing Center offers walk-in tutoring during posted times, as well as 30-60 minute appointments. They also offer workshops on a variety of writing needs.


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There are a few academic departments on campus that host tutoring internally within their department for certain courses they offer. Consult the academic department offering the course or your academic advisor for more information. 

Supplemental Instruction (SI) & Peer-Assisted Student Success (PASS)

SI and PASS sessions are regularly scheduled, organized study groups targeting historically difficult courses. These sessions are led by students called "SI (or PASS) leaders" who have already successfully completed the course. The leaders attend the course again with you so they can follow the progress of the class. Attendance at SI sessions is confidential and voluntary while attendance at PASS sessions is required and will be part of your course grade. All sessions are free of charge for all students registered for the course.

The more often you attend these study groups, the better you will do. Data shows that students who attend five or more sessions experience a half-to full-letter grade increase.


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