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Undergraduate Studies

Foreign Culture & Foreign Language Courses

All BA students are required to complete either the Foreign Language option (6-8 credits) or the Foreign Culture option (6 credits), in either case with grades of C or higher.

Foreign Language Option

  • Select one two-course sequence of Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Latin, or American Sign Language.
  • Students with prior experience in French or Spanish must take a placement exam to determine the appropriate course to begin with. Students who place above the beginning level will satisfy the Foreign Language option by earning a "C" or better in the second French or second Spanish course into which they have placed.
  • Students who complete a 3000-level French or Spanish course with a "C" or above have demonstrated the mastery that is required in the two-course French or Spanish sequence and may request retroactive credit for the sequence. The retroactive credit will either be 3 or 6 credits, depending on their placement following the exam.
  • This policy applies to Chinese as well, placement being determined by the professor of the program.

FC Foreign Culture Option

  • Students who successfully completed 2 years of foreign language in high school have the option of taking 6 hours of foreign culture courses instead of 6-8 hours of college level foreign language.
  • Foreign cultures contain (FC) in the course title when looking at the course schedules in myWings.
  • Below is a complete list of courses that fulfill Foreign Culture
Foreign Culture Courses
Course Number Course Title Fulfills Diversity and Difference (Gen Ed)
AFH 3450 (CD)(FC) South Africa X
ANT 3212 (CD)(FC) Peoples and Cultures of the World X
ANT 3243 (FC) Comparative Muslim Culture X
ANT 3311 (FC) Indians of the Southeastern U.S. -
ANT 3312 (CD)(FC) North American Indians X
ANT 4352 (FC) Peoples and Cultures of Africa -
ASH 3200 (FC) Ancient Near East -
ASH 3201 (FC) Ancient Israel -
ASH 3223 (CD)(FC) Middle East X
ASH 3337 (FC) Ghandi and Modern India -
ASH 3440 (CD)(FC) Japanese Civilization X
ASH 3448 (CD)(FC) Hiroshima X
ASH 3620 (FC) Asian Art and Culture -
ASN 3106 (FC) Women and Gender in East Asia -
CHT 3500 (FC) Chinese Culture -
CPO 3123 (FC) Politics and Society in Britain and Ireland -
CPO 3151 (FC) Politics and Society in France -
CPO 3213 (FC) Politics and Society in Subsaharan Africa -
CPO 3643 (FC) Politics and Society in Russia -
EUH 3403 (FC) Ancient Greece -
EUH 3411 (FC) Ancient Roma -
EUH 3466 (FC) Germany Today -
EUH 3580 (CD)(FC) Russian Thought and Culture X
FOT 3500 (FC) Peoples and Cultures of Spain -
FOT 3510 (FC) Love in the Middle Ages -
FOT 3931 (FC) Studies in Foreign Culture -
FRT 3550 (FC) Faces of France -
HUM 3524 (FC) Great Age of Vienna -
LAH 3300 (CD)(FC) Latin America X
LAH 3424 (FC) Aztecs/Incas/Mayas X
LAH 3736 (FC) Modern Latin American History Through Film -
LAS 3020 (FC) Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean -
LAS 3031 (FC) People and Cultures of the Southern Cone -
LAS 3130 (FC) Latin American Pop Culture -
LAS 3132 (FC) Women and Violence in Latin American Literature and Film -
LAS 3930 (FC) Cultures of Latin America -
MUH 3055 (FC) African American Musical Heritage -
PHH 3120 (FC) The Greek Experience -
PHH 3820 (FC) Chinese Philosophy -
PHH 3860 (FC) Japanese Philosophy -