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Office of New Student Orientation

First Year Orientation FAQs

You've got questions….we’ve got answers! If you don’t see a question you need answered, contact us.

  • Is Orientation mandatory?

    Yes. Orientation is mandatory for all students. Students are required to attend all programs and presentations during their chosen orientation session. Your attendance and participation in New Student Orientation is a University requirement. Your orientation will prepare you for what to expect as a UNF student, you'll meet other new and current students, and you'll leave feeling ready for your first week of classes. If you have any further questions about the orientation requirement, please contact the Office of New Student Orientation at or (904) 620-1722.

  • How long is Orientation?

    Our standard New Student Orientation is a two-day program, unless otherwise noted. 

    Orientation check-in will begin on day one at 9 a.m. and the program will end around 1 p.m. on day two. Students will stay overnight in the Osprey Fountains Residence Hall.

  • How do I register for Orientation?


    • Log into your myWings portal
    • Choose Student on side menu
    • Select Student Resources, and then Banner Self-Service
    • Click on Admissions
    • Choose Orientation Registration

    Once you have successfully registered, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.

    Please check your high school graduation date, rehearsals and family vacation schedules before registering for your session. You may switch sessions after your initial registration, if necessary, but only to another session that has availability.

  • What should I bring to Orientation?

    Students beginning in Summer or Fall 2024, who are participating in the two-day Orientation should bring:

    • Government-issued photo ID (required in order to pick up your University ID)
    • Clothing for two days
    • Pillow
    • Light blanket (We provide single-use eco-friendly sheets, but the rooms get a little chilly. You are welcome to bring your own sheets if prefer. The beds are twin XL.))
    • Toiletries
    • Towel
    • Any medication you need
    • Alarm clock (Don’t forget your cell phone charger if your phone is your alarm.)
    • An umbrella or raincoat (Unexpected rainstorms happen in Florida.)
    • Bathing suit and Beach Towel (The Fountains Residence Hall, where you’ll be staying, has a pool and a lazy river for you to enjoy in the evening.)
  • Will I be able to get a good class schedule if I come to one of the later Orientation sessions?

    There is no way to predict which classes will be available at registration throughout the summer. However, the most popular classes for first-year students -- English and math in particular -- are carefully monitored throughout the summer to make sure there is adequate space. Those departments will open new class sections if they see the need to create more room for new students. While there may be a wider variety of class options at earlier sessions, it's actually possible that someone at a later Orientation session may get to choose from options that weren't available earlier in the summer. The perfect schedule may not be available, but all students should be able to register for a full load of classes that will fulfill their core curriculum and degree requirements. New students should be prepared to be flexible and should not rule out registering for classes that begin as early as 8:00 a.m. or later in the afternoon. Students who are not satisfied with their schedule can change it as late as the fourth day of semester classes during the Drop/Add period.

  • What should I do if my plans change and I need to switch to another Orientation session?


    • Log into your myWings portal
    • Choose Student on side menu
    • Select Student Resources, and then Banner Self-Service
    • Click on Admissions
    • Choose Orientation Registration
  • What if I can't attend any of the scheduled sessions?

    If you are unable to attend any of the scheduled Orientation sessions, please contact the New Student Orientation office at (904) 620-1722 for assistance.

  • Is there a cost to attend the Orientation program?

    You can choose from two orientation options: 

    Option 1: Standard Orientation — $160  

    Our Standard Orientation option gives you an interactive orientation experience, including a dedicated First-Year Experience Mentor who will assist with course registration, what to expect at UNF and their tips to be a successful student. 

    During this experience you’ll meet individually with an academic advisor to craft your perfect class schedule and register for your classes. We’ll walk you through all your next steps from buying books and parking passes to how to use all of our academic and wellness resources

    Students who choose this option will receive various communications about course registration, student involvement opportunities, important financial aid information and dates. They will also receive invitations to future events hosted on-campus and priority course registration.  

    If you are experiencing financial hardship, please email us at Our team will work with you to make sure you get the orientation experience you want!

    Option 2: Basic Orientation — $35    

    The Basic Orientation option give you access to a library of informational videos.  Students who pick this option will receive basic communications.

    Students wishing to choose this option will need to contact the Office of New Student Orientation to set it up.

  • What exactly do I get with each option?
    Standard Orientation
    • Two day program
    • Exclusive access to interactive online modules
    • Live faculty and staff presentations and interactions
    • Assigned Academic Advisor
    • Scheduled Academic Advising appointment
    • Hands-on assistance with course registration
    • Priority for course registration
    • Dedicated First-Year Experience Mentor
    • Opportunities to meet with other incoming and current students
    • Opportunities to get involved on campus before the first day of classes
    • Extensive communications about next steps
    • Access to Basic Orientation video library
    • UNF Backpack
    • UNF Lanyard

    Basic Orientation

    • Access to Basic Orientation video library
    • Communications on clearing registration holds
    • Communications on when you're eligible for course registration and how to meet with an academic advisor
  • I want to do the Standard Orientation option, but I’m not sure I can afford it.

    If you are experiencing financial hardship, please email us at Our team will work with you to make sure you get the orientation experience you want!

  • Can I change my Orientation option after I have registered?

    No, once a student chooses and pays for the Standard or Basic option, they cannot change their Orientation option.

  • Can I purchase my textbooks at Orientation?

    Yes. At the conclusion of the Orientation program, students may purchase their textbooks at the UNF Bookstore in the Student Union or through the UNF bookstore website.

    Please Note: Fall textbooks may not yet be available in the campus bookstore on the day of your orientation session, as they do not generally go on sale until July 1. Students may wait until the first week of classes to purchase or rent textbooks.

  • Can parents / guardians attend the Orientation program?

    Yes. Parents and family members are encouraged to attend the Parent and Family Orientation that runs concurrently with student programming. Please visit the Parent and Family Orientation webpage for registration and program information.

  • Can parents attend Advising and Registration with their student?

    No. Due to FERPA laws, UNF must ensure the privacy of student information, including a student's schedule. Parents are not permitted to attend their student's advising session because they would be violating another student's privacy. If parents have any questions about their student’s schedule, they may visit the First-Year Advising office with their student at the conclusion of the Orientation program, or contact them at (904) 620-1012.

  • What is the Parent and Family Orientation program?

    The Parent and Family Orientation program is a separate orientation session presented directly to supporters of UNF's incoming students. This program runs concurrently with the student program. During portions of the Parent and Family Orientation, you will be with your student, and for other sections there will be parent and family specific programming. For more information about this program, please visit the Parent and Family Orientation webpage.

  • Is math placement testing mandatory?

    Your placement in a UNF math course is based on many factors, including: your intended major, dual enrollment course work, accelerated mechanisms, test scores and your GPA. During your New Student Orientation, you will meet with an academic advisor from First-Year Advising, and they will let you know which math course you've placed into based on the factors listed above. 

    Students will not be asked to take a Math Placement Test prior to attending New Student Orientation. 

    If you have any questions or concerns about Math Placement, please contact the First-Year Advising Office at or (904) 620-1012.

  • How and where do I take my Writing Placement Test?

    UNF no longer requires the Writing Placement Test.

  • Can I make an appointment to meet with an academic advisor prior to attending Orientation?

    First-Year Advising staff will be servicing currently enrolled students prior to the start of orientation, making it difficult to meet with incoming new students. For this reason, we have pre-scheduled time for you to meet one-on-one with your academic advisor during your Orientation program.

  • When can I register for classes?

    Students will register for classes during the Orientation program, after your meeting with an academic advisor.

  • When do classes begin?

    Class start and end dates are set based on the term. Freshmen admitted to the summer term will begin in the summer B semester, typically beginning in mid-June. Students admitted for the fall term will begin taking classes starting in mid-August. For specific dates, please refer to the UNF Academic Calendar.

  • How does the UNF meal membership work?

    UNF's meal memberships have been designed to accommodate the various needs of our students. With our meal memberships, you have options ranging from 10 to unlimited meals per week plans. Your Osprey 1Card Student ID is automatically connected to your meal membership. You can swipe for meals or use your Dining Dollars in the Osprey Cafe and other on-campus dining locations. For more information and pricing, please visit the Dining Services website.

  • Can I purchase a meal membership during the Orientation program?

    While we do not have time built into orientation programming for students to purchase meal memberships, you may do so at any time online: 

    For more information and questions about meal memberships, please contact Dining Services at (904) 620-2543.

  • Will I get a UNF email account?

    Yes. Email is the official form of communication between the student and the University. Once you have been admitted, you will receive a UNF Student ID which will allow you to log in to your new student myWings account where you can access your UNF email. For more information please visit the Information Technology Services webpage.

  • When is my tuition due?

    Tuition and Fee information can be found on the UNF Controller's webpage. Current payment deadline information can be found at the Payment Deadline webpage.

  • Where do I pay tuition?

    Students may pay online with an e-check or credit card on the myWings web portal only. Students may also pay tuition and fees by cash or check in the Student Financial Services Office Hicks Hall, Building 53/Room 1100, by mail, or by the drop box located outside of the Student Financial Services Office.

    Please Note: Payments for tuition must be received in our office by the published payment deadline to be considered on time. Postmarks are not accepted. Payments placed in the drop box after the close of business will be assessed a $100 late payment fee.

    Please visit the Student Financial Services webpage for more information.

  • Can I pay my tuition with a credit card?

    Yes and no. You can pay with a credit card online. There is a non refundable convenience fee of 2.3% of the total transaction. Students are not able to pay with a credit card in the Cashier's Office at this time. You can pay with cash, check or money order in the Cashier's Office.

  • Can I pay my tuition with debit card?

    Yes. You can pay with a debit card online. There is a non-refundable convenience fee of 2.3% of the total transaction. Students are not able to pay with a debit card in the Cashier's Office at this time. You can pay with cash, check or money order in the Cashier's Office.

  • When is my housing rent due?

    Information about housing rent can be found at Important Housing and Residence Life Dates.