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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Administrative Support Guidelines

Visit Preparation/Paperwork Required

Preparing Service Agreement

Prior to External Reviewer’s visit, you’ll need the following information.

  • External Reviewer’s full name and email address
  • Dates of the on campus visit (minimum 2 day visit)
  • Compensation amount is $1000 honorarium (unless Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) approves a different amount)
  • Travel Arrangements (only needed for onsite campus visits). Most reviews are virtual site (online) visits.
    • (NOTE: All travel arrangements must be made by External Reviewer)

Prepare a Services Agreement by following the steps below.

Step 1: Download Services Agreement from the UNF General Counsel's Standard Contracts website. The standard contracts are housed in the OGC's Sharepoint SiteOnce you reach the OGC Sharepoint Site, select the "Services Agreement - (Short form 2021 0610 v2).

  • Under Description of Services (number 1), be sure to include the following:
    • “Conduct an external review of the _______________ program which includes a *virtual site visit and the submittal of an External Reviewer Report. Payment is made upon receipt of External Reviewer Report.”

* or "onsite campus visit" if approved by Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE)

Step 2: Send an email to the External Reviewer and provide the items and links listed below.

  • i. Services Agreement (requires External Reviewer's signature).
  • ii.Travel Planning Guidelines (not needed for virtual site visits)

Step 3: Office manager initiates New Supplier Request via the UNF Supplier Portal.

Independent Contractor Checklist Form

Complete Independent Contractor Checklist (ICC) Form. Please email (Miguel Gabertan) and request that he send you the ICC form. Once completed, upload to the iContracts container as an attachment. Miguel Gabertan will review the ICC Form and let department admins know if he has questions or needs additional information.


Upload Services Agreement to iContracts.

Users are set up by the system administrator with the following parameters:

Company Name: University of North Florida

Username: N#

Password: myWings password

Email iContract ID number to Catherine Trask, Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

Approval of Services Agreement

Procurement reviews the Service Agreement. Once approved, it is signed and dated. The executed agreement is uploaded to iContracts. You will receive an auto emails from iContracts that the iContract is 'completed' which can be considered notification that the agreement is executed.

Once the external review is complete, process contract payment as a Direct Pay and include the iContract ID# within the Document Text of the Direct Pay.

Contacts, Resources and Templates


Task at Hand Contact Name/ Department Contact /Email/ Phone Number
Uploading iContracts Gaea Holt, Procurement Services
Completing Service Agreement Gaea Holt, Procurement
Independent Contract Checklist Form and Procedures Miguel Gabertan, Payroll
Travel/Reimbursements Leanne Thomas, Accounts Payable
General Questions Catherine Trask, Office of Institutional Effectiveness


Travel Arrangements

(NOTE: All travel arrangements must be made by the External Reviewer.)

The Travel Planning Guidelines includes a listing of preferred hotels approved for UNF.

Office of Institutional Effectiveness will pay an honorarium of $1000.00 for a minimum 2-day visit.

  •  Generate a travel reimbursement expense report.
  •  Keep copies of all receipts. (You will need to forward them to Academic Affairs/Catherine Trask for reimbursement of expenses.)

Department Reimbursement

Submit the following to Catherine Trask in Office of Institutional Effectiveness for reimbursement of all incurred expenses.

  1. Expense Summary (download template).
    • Note: (Index and Account will reflect where expenses have been posted so charges can be reimbursed.)
    • Expense Summary Sample
  2. Copies of Concur travel requests/reimbursements + travel related receipts.