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International Center

Student Involvement

International and domestic students at UNF are involved on-campus and in the community in a variety of ways. Whether you're a domestic student interested in meeting students from around the globe, or an international student wanting to explore the Jacksonville area and get involved in the local culture and community, the International Center has an opportunity for you.

If you are interested in volunteering with the International Center, please email to be added to our volunteer list, or reach out to the student groups below for opportunities.

International Ambassador Board

The International Ambassador Board (IAB) is a group of highly motivated, specially selected UNF students with international experience who aim to promote UNF around the world. The IAB's primary goals are to increase the University of North Florida's presence on a global scale and welcome new international students. Members of the IAB represent UNF, the International Center, and their home countries. IAB involvement is solely on a volunteer basis.


  • Offer guidance and support for prospective and new international students
  • Create an inclusive and welcoming environment at UNF
  • Promote UNF abroad and in the United States
  • Welcome visiting international students, families, and groups


  • Current UNF students with international interest
  • Good academic standing
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Availability to attend monthly meetings and recreational activities


  • Maintain a positive attitude and reflect the model behavior of a campus leader
  • Create an inclusive and welcoming environment for prospective and incoming international students
  • Actively plan and engage in activities and events aimed to diversify the UNF campus
  • Serve as a point of contact and offer guidance for prospective international students throughout the application process
  • Participate in the IAB retreat and International Center activities

Benefits & Incentives

  • Develop and improve your international networks and marketing skills
  • Official International Ambassador polo shirt
  • Build your resume
  • UNF pin
  • Exclusive retreats and meetings with UNF staff
  • Home country sash for UNF graduation
  • Certificate
  • Letter of Recommendation from the IC Staff
  • Workshops
  • Complete volunteer hours

Current Leaders


Fernanda Pineda

Country: Chile

Major: International Business


WhatsApp: 786-451-8715

Kelsie Mangar

Country: Belize

Class Standing: Junior

Major: Psychology


WhatsApp: 904-608-3863

Instagram: @k.commander


Nicolas Solano

Country: Colombia

Class standing: Junior

Major: Electrical Engineering

Instagram: @nicolassolanos  

Vuk Ignjatovic

Country: Serbia

Class Standing: Sophomore

Major: Computer Science


WhatsApp: 00381652302140


Current UNF Students: Please note that IAB applications are not open at this time. You may email for more information if you are a current student interested in applying for the International Ambassador Board in the future.

International Ospreys


The International Ospreys Club purpose is to increase diversity through programs and events that showcase a culturally enriched environment and traditions of International Students in order to promote a global learning environment on UNF campus. IO is a recognized group of international students who act as representatives of their respective cultures and globally minded domestic students who want to be more involved with the international student population.


Both, international and domestic students are welcomed to join the International Ospreys or participate in any of the club's activities. Full membership shall be limited to registered students of the University of North Florida.


Each year the cabinet will organize at least 3 general body meetings and will participate in the organization of the Annual International Dinner Dance together with the International Center. Additionally, the International Ospreys Club will carry on different activities to promote internationalization of the UNF community.


To learn more about the International Ospreys Club's activities and how to get involved follow their Facebook page or contact them at

Community Outreach

In collaboration with the Center for Community-Based Learning through the Community Engagement Enhancement Program, the UNF International Center hosts 1-3 volunteer trips per semester. The goal is to connect international students to the larger Jacksonville community. Preconceived notions cause students to be unaware of many diverse and complex issues that impact the United States. Through volunteer service at local organizations like Feeding Northeast Florida, the Jacksonville Humane Society, and Nassau County Animal Services, international students learn about issues like food deserts, food insecurity, hunger, and animal welfare and adoption. These transformational learning experiences alter perspectives, serve the community, and facilitate meaningful connections.

Transportation, water, snacks, and t-shirts are provided for students who participate. The volunteer trips are announced via email each semester, and the sign-up is online. Spots are limited, so be sure to check your email and sign up quickly.

See feedback from past participants below:

"I feel really proud of myself when I notice what my group and I did to make such a large contribution to helping people. Even such simple work could change our community."

"It was such a fulfilling experience to support the work of the Jacksonville Humane Society and have the opportunity to give and receive love from the resident dogs and cats. After a day like that, one walks home with a sense of fulfillment and a restored notion of human kindness."

"[Through volunteering at Feeding Northeast Florida] I learned that food insecurity and food deserts exist in the United States. Previously it was a problem that I would rather associate with third-world countries, so it was quite a shock to learn of the extent of such problems."

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