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International Center

Non-Florida Tuition Waiver Guidelines

General Information

Waivers will be awarded based on the amount of funding provided to the International Center each year and will be granted for a maximum of 12 hours of undergraduate study or 9 hours of graduate study per semester, if approved.  Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Waivers may be granted for the fall and spring semesters, and, on a limited basis, for the summer terms. Students must submit a new Non-Florida Tuition Waiver application each term.  Applications will be accepted July 1 (for Fall), November 1 (for Spring) and April 1 (for Summer). 

Waivers will be assigned according to selection criteria and in a manner to assist as many students (both graduate and undergraduate) as possible.

Students will be contacted by the International Center with waiver decisions after the application deadline.

To be eligible to receive non-Florida tuition waivers from the International Center the following requirements must be met:

  1. Must be a non-U.S. citizen on a non-immigrant F-1 student visa.
  2. Must be a registered student in good standing at the University of North Florida, with at least one semester of coursework completed at UNF. New students at UNF will NOT be eligible to receive waivers.
  3. New applicants must include a one page personal statement (must be typed) - In this section please describe yourself, your background, activities, interests and future plans.

To maintain non-Florida tuition waivers from the International Center, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Maintain good academic standing and satisfactory academic progress.
  2. Maintain F-1 visa status.
  3. Eligibility to continue receiving non-Florida tuition waivers will be reviewed each semester/term.

Selection Criteria

  1. Academic Performance: GPAs from UNF as well as from other institutions will be considered.
  2. Financial Need: Applicants must support personal attestations of need with credible documentary evidence.  Economic need is defined for the purposes of this program to be (1) unanticipated, (2) beyond the control of the applicant and or sponsor, and (3) represents a clear hardship.
  3. Extracurricular activities: Applicants should be able to demonstrate current or past memberships or leadership activities which further building a community of student leaders and enhancing the institutional goal of "internationalization" of the campus and community.
  4. Work activities: In addition to enhancing personal leadership, another element of the "internationalization" of the campus and the community is evidenced through the applicant's participation in activities in the work place, across the campus or through approved cooperative education or internship/academic training programs.  In addition, employment activities, when authorized and available, address the economics of the student with a positive impact in the aggregate.  


NOTE:  To maintain eligibility while receiving the waivers, you must inform the International Center of any changes in:  (1) course load, (2) residency status, and/or (3) academic major change.